Friday, September 18, 2015

Over the Table - Patreon Sketch Factory #8

Winner #8 "Over the Table" is complete!  Winner #9 is Waspish - lots of bug girls with naughty ovipositors, it seems.  This one was prompted as a "Game Over" scenario - owe the tavern too much coin?  Well, the bar wench with udders out to here knows where she might be able to find 'em - but to get 'em out, she's going to have to make yer coin-hole wide enough to fit 'em!

He's got "Game Over" written all over his face.  And up his ass.
- Majalis

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Buggered - Patreon Sketch Factory #7

Winner #7!  Always good to do some oviposition.  This time with two futabees.  :D

How do you prefer your eggs?

"She has stickier eggs than mine, so they can handle latching onto the bowels easily enough.  Mine are hardier; indigestible, so they can sit in the stomach no problem."

"I wouldn't eat anything for a while if I were you.  The egg slime and the weak-shelled eggs will be enough sustenance. Anything else will just make the stomachache worse... which you definitely don't want."

As each egg was pumped down his throat or into his rectum, another plopped unceremoniously into his stomach, and the egg at the head of the conga-line in his intestines was pushed deeper in.

"Are those in his stomach or intestines?"

"Mmm... intestines.  These are definitely my babies.  I'm pumping out a lot."

"You said we would share!"

"Oh, it's not a competition.  I'm sure his stomach can still take plenty.  I'm sure it will still take plenty.  It's not like he's going anywhere."

- Majalis