Sunday, September 15, 2013

Diamond, Hold Up, Naga, Double Stuck

Bit of a backlog of pictures to post up, so here they are.

Cock-addicted trap prostitute gets double teamed in an alleyway.

A futa demoness plowing a trap while nearly smothering him with her boobs.

A futa naga butt-fucking a trap while totally smothering him with her boobs.  Pattern?

This one's probably one of my favorites.  I'll probably put up the story that goes with it in a later blog post.  Just a busty, blue-haired, big-bottomed bespectacled beauty being butt-blasted and belly-bloated by a big, bowel-busting baby-bumper, as god intended.  Her legs spread, her shitter spread, her bowels distended by fresh nut while her tight anal ring is taut around a throbbing, pulsing cock.  each twitch filling up her belly with more warm, thick, misdirected splooge, as she grits her teeth and closes her eyes to endure the sensation.  Actually, one of the details that I like best is her arm up on the tank, in a relaxed position, like she got comfortable up on the toilet while she engaged in her business.  Two people ass-fucking casually.  Simple and elegant.

Next post we'll put up some more WIP.  Hopefully sooner rather than later.
- Majalis