Monday, June 23, 2014

Playing Pretend

Rem and Dari had been friends since they were little - and had gotten in the habit of taking turns dressing up in Rem's older sister's clothes to practice for when they had girlfriends.  Over time, this experimentation had some variance to it, with the occasional hand-holding, finger-locking, hugging from behind, or forehead-nuzzling, so it wasn't too much of a surprise when one day, while Rem had his hair up and was wearing one of his sister's sweaters and her glitzy make-up, Dari suggested that they try it with their eyes closed.

"Uh... maybe try closing your eyes this time," he said, as Rem sat, waiting for him to make his usual move.  He blinked once, and then closed his eyes.  "And purse your lips."  Rem did, but when the anticipated kiss didn't come, he stopped.  "Just keep them pursed.  And no matter what, keep your eyes closed and keep kissing."

Rem sat still, waiting for something to happen.  Dari moved around, but he couldn't tell where.  He heard fabric moving, but that was it.  Dari was closer to him, now, and he could hear him breathing, although his breathing was a little harried.

Though he obviously couldn't see anything, he heard what sounded like a wet noise, although it was very faint.  Was Dari licking his lips?

The wet sound grew a bit more distinct, and his breath grew more and more ragged, and his voice had an excited edge to it.

"Just give me a second... just hold still... don't pull away, no matter what... make sure to kiss back..."

Rem kept his lips pursed, and though he wondered what Dari was doing or was going to do, he kept his eyes closed, not even daring to take a peak and ruin the surprise.  He felt something press against his lips and then quickly retract, but didn't flinch.  The wet sound was quicker now, and louder.

"Okay, ready... kiss!" Dari's voice was a bit manic and high-pitched.

He felt something press between his pursed lips, and kissed it, but it certainly wasn't Dari's lips or his finger. He heard the wet sound again, much louder and closer now, once, twice, and then the thing wedged between his lips twitched, and he felt something warm and sticky on his lips, and then something hit his tongue... something also wet and sticky, and runny.

"Just keep kissing!"

Before he could react, something else hit his tongue, and then another, and another, and he heard Dari let out a big, contented sigh, and then another wet noise, and then another, and more, and more, and filled his mouth, and as he started to smell it, he knew what it was, so he kept his eyes closed... until the last of it had twitched inside, and the thing between his lips slipped away and left a trail of slime, and he opened his eyes to see Dari with his pants around his ankles, his penis softening, a trail of cum leading from it to his lips.


He couldn't say anything.  There was nothing to say.  Also, his mouth was full.

"...don't look at me like that..." Dari said, clearly embarassed, although Rem didn't really have much of an expression beyond shock, a pinch of confusion, and a touch of nausea.  There was so much of it, his cheeks were full.

"C'mon, dude, don't be gay, just swallow it!"

Suddenly, the door opened.

"You fuckin' brat, did you steal my fav purple lipstick again?  What do you even DO with it in th- ohmigod... Ewwwww..."

And then, once his sister slammed the door shut, Rem swallowed down, wiping his lips with his wrist.

"Alright," he said, and then put his fingers to his mouth as he burped,  "your turn."

- Majalis

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hentai Girl

Like the ever-present "Hentai Guy" of hentai fame, here we have Hentai Girl - except instead of being a self insert, she inserts into your self.   Here she is approaching the camera for some serious internal-organ re-arranging shenanigans.  If you feel a dull thud somewhere in your body that you can't quite discern, she's done. 

- Majalis

Friday, June 13, 2014

Slug x Faery-Trap

The prevalence of faery semen found inside slugs led some to believe that the faeries were engaging slugs in much the same way as a farmhand engages a sheep - but the reality is slightly different from expectations.

It shouldn't be too surprising which the slugs, being hermaphroditic, assume that the male faeries and female faeries are interchangeable.  Thus, on occasion, a sleeping male faery may be caught by one of these amorous slugs, and the result is a love dart in an uncomfortable place.  During the "altercation," such a captured male faery might inadvertently ejaculate in the slug's unknowing membrane, although it has not been demonstrated that the slugs are aware of this or that it is an intended consequence of faery-slug mating.

Although it was recently called in to question whether all of these male specimens were truly "sleeping" prior to their intense sexual congress with slugs...

More soon!

- Majalis