Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lily 2 (Versions)

Our latest entry into the Convallaria storyline and images (story excerpt below).

She entered the room and he could see why she was glad Rosalyn wasn't home... her new "nighty" was made of a diaphanous material that, for all intents and purposes, left her completely exposed.  It was utterly pointless for modesty, and merely owning it meant that Lily needed something to wear when she was cold, but still absolutely wanted for someone to gawk at her naked body... and Rich knew that someone was him.  She turned around to give him the full view, and he saw that it rose to halfway up her back, and below that it covered her rear-end without actually obscuring it from view.  It was the single sexiest piece of clothing he'd ever seen... and was being worn by the sexiest woman he'd ever seen.  His jaw dropped.

"I bought this from a catalogue... do you... like it?"

Rich had suspected before that Lily played the ingenue for him, and her little innocent question would have all but confirmed his suspicions if it didn't instead immediately dispel them entirely.  No onecould act that well.  Lily looked like she felt genuinely silly, like she didn't know whether her body was flattered by such a transluscent material, or whether Rich, who adored her more than she could know, would feel off-put by such a sexually suggestive and forward gesture, despite all that they'd already done together.  In fact, the longer he stood in stunned, hungry silence, the less sure of herself she looked, even going so far as to flash a forced smile and hold up one of her breasts half-heartedly in an awkward attempt to seduce him that was too cute and too utterly unnecessary for it to be anything other than the product of an equally bashful
and hopeful woman who really did worry that her lover had eyes for anyone but her.

Rich didn't have the sauveness or the confidence yet, not entirely, to instantly and effortlessly unravel such a tangled knot of the most misplaced concern he'd seen outside of a circus tent, but he did know that he was about to kiss and fuck this woman, respectively and irrespectively, until that knot became a string that she could tie around her pinky and wear like a trophy.  He didn't want to scare her by bounding over to where she was standing in a single step, taking her up in his arms and lifting her into the air until she squealed, even though that's exactly what he wanted to do, so he slowly, carefully walked to where she was standing, brushed her hair out of her face, tilted her chin upwards and sealed her mouth with a forceful kiss, his other hand feeling its way down her abdomen, to where the nighty was trapped between her large thighs, to the moisture there that was the beginning of a dam breaking in slow motion.

Lily felt his tongue on hers and closed her eyes, eager to feel Rich wherever he deigned to touch, while Rich was busy trying to convince her that he wasn't "deigning" to touch anything - he wantedto touch Lily everywhere and couldn't get over how appreciative he was that she wanted him too.  His hands felt so hot on her skin as they caressed her neck, her breast, her waist, the small of her back, and finally, her rear, which Rich grasped and lifted her entire frame towards him, and so Lily threw her arms around his neck and stood on her toes and got so lost in the kiss that she nearly lost her balance, but Rich had her, and that was all that mattered.

"Are you in the mood?" he teased, and Lily looked at him with a wry smile.  He saw in her eyes that she was in the mood for something, but teasing wasn't it.  And that's when he found his feet had left the ground, and he was rapidly accelerating towards the ground, only for the bed to catch his back and lurch under the effort of catching his weight as he bounced onto it, and he momentarily had the wind knocked out of him.  Surprised, he looked down the bed at Lily, her hands still outstretched, and realized that she'd just pushed him onto it, with all the force she could muster.

"Don't tease me, young man," she said, although Rich knew she loved to be teased.  It seemed that, at the moment, she had more pressing things to love.  She looked down at said thing, sticking up like a tentpole in his pants, and Rich could see she was just about openly salivating.  "Is that for me?" she asked, and Rich nodded.  "Don't mind if I do," she said, and Rich swallowed.  He wasn't sure where the Lily he saw standing before the bed had come from, but he wasn't about to question it.

She crawled onto the bed, which creaked ominously under her weight, but if Lily noticed, she ignored it in favor of maintaing as sultry eye-contact as she could with Rich, who stayed motionless out of either courtesy or hypnotism.

As she got to the flag in his pants, she unbuttoned his fly, pulled down his zipper, and grasped his waistband with both hands, pulling down underwear and pants in one go.  Rich was in the process of kicking the pantlegs off of his own legs when he suddenly felt that his cock had become completely engulfed in something - when he looked down at Lily, she looked up at him with her bright green eyes and said, in a muffled voice "mine."  His cock was nowhere to be seen, but given Lily's lips pressed against his abdomen and the sensation of a tongue pressed against the underside, he had his theories. which were confirmed as Lily pulled her lips up and off of his shaft, slowly, watching him for signs of arousal that he was sure she could trust were going to be there.

She gave it a little peck as her lips reached the tip, and then continued to crawl up towards Rich, until she reached his neck, which she began to kiss softly as Rich moaned quietly, and then less quietly as she pressed her soaking womanhood against him through her nighty, taunting him with the idea of going right through it, although he realized she was taunting herself as much as she was him, and he half-expected that the only transluscent object that would be catching his load tonight was her ripped nightgown as he fucked her through it.  In fact, she pressed hard enough that he felt his tip start to slip inside something, and then she was kissing his face, his chin, his cheek, his lips, and he knew she was fighting every instinct not to force her hips down and get the foreplay over with.  Instead, he just felt her squeezing his tip, and the rivulets of her passion seeping through the nighty were dripping down his cock so lewdly that he had to contain himself from thrusting up into her, instead.

Before he could, she drew herself up, and then onto her feet, standing on the bed over him.  She stood straddling his sides, breathing heavily, and he half expected for her to just drop back onto it with abandon, but instead she lifted her arms above her head and stretched.

"Which do you prefer seeing me from, front or behind?" she said, stepping over him and turning around, but then looking over her shoulder down at his face to see his expression as he answered.

"Both," he answered, diplomatically, and truthfully, but Lily clicked her teeth.

"Liar," she said, and Rich found himself in a similar position to his cock a minute ago - engulfed in a wet, wonderous darkness.  Of course, as he'd seen Lily's big round ass approaching him, an image that he was going to keep forever, he knew exactly where he was.  And so he also knew that, even though he couldn't see, if his tongue touched anything, it would be a win-win, so he stuck it out and found sweetness and wetness, and heard Lily's muffled moan as he lapped at her vulva.

A moment later, her moan was cut short, and Rich moaned instead up into her as he felt once again his entire cock swallowed in one go, her moan still forcing its way around it, vibrating it pleasantly.  She immediately started to work up and down the shaft with gusto, sucking tightly enough that it threatened his ability to hold back and not give it up into her mouth with just as much eagerness.  As a reward, he drove his tongue up into her cooch, and she replied by reaching forward and grasping his legs as she bobbed her head up and down to worship his slick pole, which only gave him more cause to attack her in an escalating arms race of oral sex.

She sucked onto the tip and then it popped out audibly, and she nuzzled her cheek against it. "Mine," she said again, and Rich wasn't about to contradict her.  He was, however, about to put his tongue up her asshole - as soon as he could find it, anyway, as Lily's writhing and her sizable rear made it difficult to navigate her nethers.  When he found his mark, she moaned around his cock, and he knew that he'd gotten it right; the taste was a pretty strong indicator, as well.  That he'd gotten acquainted to the taste of her balloon knot had been a source of embarassment for her, but that never stopped her from excitedly pushing her rear back at him as he tongued it, and this was no exception.

He wondered if there was ever a reason to do anything other than 69 Lily, and he really couldn't think of any compelling ones.  He would have gladly cum in Lily's mouth to the exclusion of any asshole or pussy for the rest of his life if it meant that he could cum every time while burying his face between her amazing cheeks and his tongue in her cooch or funhole.  And if Lily kept it up, she was going to swallow his first load of the night - although he promised himself that he would wait a few minutes and continue on from there if that was the case.

Lily remembered when he first put his tongue up there and she hads worried that the police were going to barge in and arrest her for crimes against adolescent tongues... now she realized that was silly - if the police did break down the door and arrest her, it wasn't like they could stop her from riding Rich until she came herself silly, and did anything else really matter?

As much as she wanted to suck it out of Rich, she had her own needs to attend to, and a tongue, while marvelous on its own, wasn't going to cut it.  She pulled her end off of him, and he grasped for air, and she positioned herself further down his body, straddling him, taking his wet, slippery cock in hand.  She lined him up with her cooch, and he felt his tip press her bead before being whisked away to aim at some place more in view, and again, Rich swallowed.

"Which one?" she asked, lining him up with both holes, back and forth, highlighting the sadistic choice she was offering him.  The condoms were still in his pocket, and she didn't seem to be in any rush to go get them, just in case, so there was a very real possibility that if he said he wanted her honey pot that she'd just drop herself down once she'd oscillated back to her dripping pussy without thinking, and he couldn't decide if he should be thinking or not.  But the fact remained that he couldn't see her vulva from that angle, and everytime she lingered his cock's tip near her backdoor she puckered it slightly, and that she kept referring to his cock as hers... and he'd been the only one to ever give that particular hole a good cock-reaming, and that made his choice for him.

"There!" he said, as she moved him from front to back.

"There?" Lily replied, pressing the tip up to her balloon knot without much care as to how forceful she was being.  Rich nodded, and he felt her dropping her weight down, and her pushing her anus out slightly.

"L-lube" Rich managed to stammer, and Lily smiled an embarassed, yet knowing and prideful smile back at him.   She'd utterly coated it in saliva, but they knew from experience that wasn't enough, and if Lily dropped her weight down any more, his head would pop in suddenly, and she'd be in for a rough ride.

"I took care of that in the bathroom," she admitted, and Rich wondered if the choice he'd just made had been illusory.  As his tip started to pry her open under the force of her own weight, he could feel the lube that she'd smuggled inside starting to coat him, and he couldn't believe how naughty she was being.  

Lily knew that either way she was going to get all the Rich she needed inside, and all of the lovejuice she wanted to come outside...  but she also had stacked the deck pretty high in buttsex's favor by facing away from him and offering herself up as she had.  As she felt Rich's hard, eager thing started to push into her soft, eager insides, she could already feel her first release building - it had been Rich, after all, that had taught her how to cum that way, and while her anal orgasms were never as big as her vaginal ones, they didn't exactly disappoint, and Lily knew that disappointment wasn't in the cards when Rich's head popped inside her gradually opening ring and she gushed between his thighs - not an orgasm, not yet, but there was still plenty dick left to fit inside, and she had plans for every inch of it.  She looked over her shoulder at Rich, and he looked up at her, and then back down at where his cock was disappearing into her tight anal ring, which had just swallowed his whole head in one go, and Lily could feel, even in her lube-swamped rectum, the hefty amounts of stringy precum he was making claims on her hot pipes with.

Once she'd gotten the head inside, she let go of his cock, and braced herself against the bed... by holding down Rich's arms astride his body.  Rich watched as she fed his cock up into her, lowering her hips for a deeper and deeper anal penetration, and he once again swallowed hard.

She carefully, slowly dropped her hips down, mostly for Rich's benefit, and so that he didn't lose his load too early, as she could feel how tense it was.  As it pushed deeper into her guts, twitching and hard, she could feel her filthy orgasm building, and knew she wasn't going to sit down all the way before it burst forth and she revealed herself for the anal-loving woman she was.  In fact, she was barely halfway down the pole when she felt it just on the cusp, and so she wiggled her hips and pulled it out just slightly, then dropped down just as slightly, fucking herself a little with it to bring out what she could tell was going to be an eye-roller.  She also knew that the up-and-down motion, as slight as it was, was risking Rich prematurely ejaculating into her ass, but she didn't care... she did feel a little self-conscious about anally masturbating with his dick while he watched her from behind, but that vanished in a puff of O once she was nearing her climax, using Rich's dick to stretch her ring just enough to coax it out, and then, finally, she dropped her weight down suddenly, a full inch more than she had thus far, and let out a throaty, womanly groan, and shook, and trembled, and soaked Rich's legs as  she squirted without restraint, and turned to look at Rich, to thank him for her first full-body, butt-centered orgasm his cock was giving her, when she heard him say it.

"I... love you..."

Her face, already red, reddened even more, and she said it back to him voicelessly, her eyes watered not from emotion but sensation, although the slightly silly emotion was there
too.  Her body wracked with pleasure, she finally managed to relax her sphincter, Rich's cock now considerably within her, and calm her heart.

"Bad boy," she said, scolding him.

"Sorry... it seemed like a good time to say it."

"THAT seemed like a good time to say it?" she said, wiggling her hips for him, to show that she was only playing.  Boys and their timing.  She tightened around him a bit, and
he winced, and that seemed like good enough revenge for her as she continued to sink down into his lap, her intestines straightening out as she took the last of it up into her,
still shaking slightly from the effect of her orgasm.

She wiggled her hips when she touched down onto him, the full length of his shaft buried inside of her. They both took a moment to enjoy the sensation, Lily feeling him twitch
and stretch her, his heat and her tight ring being held open, his hardness all the way inside of her, and Rich relishing her hot hole, dry and moist at the same time, clenching,
sticking to him, feeling the pulse inside of her and her anus kissing his body, watching her big ass with its expanse of flawless white skin and knowing his cock was somewhere
inside, her misappropriated anal paristalsis trying to push him out while Lily herself wanted him right where he was.  Lily took a deep breath, lifted herself up a bit, and
then sat back down onto him, burying him to the root.  

"I love you too," she said, giving him a playful smile.  "Would you still say that even if I took you out of my ass right now?" she asked, although she teased him by tensing
up with each breath even as she awaited his response.
"Y-yes," was all he could muster.

"Well... I guess we dodged a bullet today... but you'll still try to make me pregnant, right?"

He didn't understand what she was saying at first... but then the incident in the park came to mind.  They still weren't using a condom, but since he'd chosen the backdoor,
his baby batter wasn't going to end up making a baby with Lily tonight.  She just wanted to fuck like it would.  He could agree to that.  He nodded, and she started to pant.

Lily smiled, and then faced forward.  She rocked herself upwards, pulling him out about halfway, "I..." she said, and then dropped her hips down and back up again, "love..."
she continued, and then again took him into herself and then back up again, "you!" she finished, and dropped down again, but then she immediately started to bounce up and down
and ride his cock, and when she looked over her shoulder again, she saw that Rich was appreciative, if nearly comatose.

The way it was rubbing her insides made her pussy tense in anticipation and confusion, but she knew now that it was more than enough to get her over the edge. She lubed it up
so much that it didn't hurt at all, and any and all discomfort was sublimated into pressure and pleasure in all the right places as she drove his cock up into her hole with
reckless abandon.  She'd never felt good with her asshole before Rich, and now every time she touched it in the shower she thought of him.  His tongue and his cock had gotten
more and more acquainted with it than she'd ever thought possible, and if that was a part of his love for her, she wasn't about to question it.

Rich wondered exactly when Lily had taken bull-riding lessons, but he wasn't about to buck her off.  When she sat down all the way he realized how heavy she was, and also how
good her rectum felt squeezing his dong all the way up and down.   If that's what it felt like to have Lily sit in his lap he never wanted her to lose a pound - he liked girls
thin, but he liked every inch and ounce of Lily more than any girl he'd ever met.  He was eagerly pushing his hips up into her whenever she came down, but her hands holding
him down prevented him from getting more leverage and making her ride the lightning.  She was doing most of the work for the first time, and he didn't mind one bit.  She looked
like sex poured into a woman's form, and he wanted to let her ride as long as she could, and then some.  Still, there was only so much he could take a fat-assed goddess riding
his cock, her anal passage squeezing him all throughout, her sphincter tight up and down his rod, her breasts bouncing, her moans louder and louder, before he started to feel
the urge to try his hand at bat at getting her pregnant, and that moment had come and gone ages ago: now he just needed to cum more than anything.

Lily's moan stopped short, and he saw her convulse through another orgasm while riding his shaft all the way up and down, her hips crashing down into him on each downstroke and
using the recoil to lift up again, and he saw her anus clinging to him each time she pulled it out, and he weighed heavily the option of surprising her with a belly-ful in the
middle of her climax... but he held it in, hoping he could let her go for as long as she wanted.  Or, at least, until she tired herself out.

Unfortunately, after she returned to a less frenzied pace, he realized he might have over-estimated his abilities. It was rising up in him, and he knew that if she kept that pace
up, he was going to lose it on the downstroke, and she'd feel it twitching in her bowels, and her breasts would
heave as she shook her way through an orgasm, and he'd hear her cute, if throaty, moan as she looked over her shoulder at him... he watched her hole swallow him over and over
again, watched her tight, eager anus gripping his shaft as she pulled it out, and then she dropped her weight again, and it disappeared entirely into her big, round, lily-white
ass, where it twitched twice, unseen, until he felt her legs brace against his again, and then felt her squeezing his shaft all the way up and out again.

Lily kept her head down and continued to bounce, but every time she looked over her shoulder at him it threatened to make his cup runneth over.  She bit her lip, and then,
he had no choice - it was about to gush out into her hot, slick, wonderful rectum... when suddenly, without warning, he felt an almost-unpleasant grip around the base
of his cock, and... it didn't come out.  In fact, he couldn't let it out.

"No...!  I-I d-didn't cum yet!" she said, even though she was clearly still coming down from her last one.

He swallowed, probably harder than he ever had in his life.  Lily looked... possessed.  Her neatly bunned up hair and reading glasses stood in stark contrast to her ravenous
expression, her wild eyes and tight, violent breathing.  She looked like she'd been starved of sex for years, not a day, and like she wanted his cock more than she wanted
to sit comfortably ever again.  She was squeezing him so tightly it hurt, and he knew that was because she didn't want him to blow and end the fun she was having - and the
look on her face was irrefutable proof that she was having lots of it.

He was sure he could snap her out of it he wanted to, but he was also sure she would have ignored anything more gentle than warcry, and also, breaking her out of it sounded like
the dumbest possible idea he'd ever had.  Just watching her desperately clench her sphincter while shuddering through another orgasm, just waiting for the moment when it was
safe to ride him again, had filled his head with an intoxifying mix of admiration, affection, and raw, seething lust.  He tried to calm his raging libido, not to tone down the rush,
but the need to cum - if he could convince his cock that she wanted that pressurized load it had for her, just not yet, he might actually be able to hold out
long enough.

Just when he thought he had gotten control of it, Lily smiled sweetly the way only she could, rose up her waist, and brought her full-figured hips down onto him.  If it weren't
for her suddenly contracting ring stopping him short, the simple, sudden intrusion back into her wonderous ass would have undone any benefits from the meditation in an instant.
She did it again, and again, stopping him in his tracks and her tract every time, until she was satisfied she could keep him bottled up and herself plugged up, and then started
to get into a rhythm.

She rode him slow... for about three seconds, and then she put her arms above her head and started to ride him like a bull.  He put his hand on her big bouncing rear, and every
time he lost control, he gave it a little squeeze or a tap and she sat down, hard, and crushed the base of his cock with a sensation whose pleasantness far outstripped its
slightly painful insistence.  If she had been in her normal, cheery and deferential state, Lily would have asked him if his cock was alright, but he doubted that, at the moment,
she even realized that it could possibly give him discomfort, only that it could stop him from cumming.

With Lily holding down his arms, he wanted to break free of her grip and grasp her by the waist, drive it up into her, and explode in her stomach hard enough to knock the breath
out of her lungs and fill her up enough to trick her into feeling pregnant again for at least as long as it took for her to get through a screaming orgasm.  But again she grasped
his arms, and her grip was so tight, and she seemed so eager to fuck him, he was cowed into obedience.

She continued to exert herself until Rich couldn't take it any more, and burst free, grasping her waist and giving her a little help in the fucking department, which Lily responded
to by starting to lose her mind.  She had been building to it at her own pace and having Rich crash up into her as she came down ruined it, albeit the best kind of ruination
possible.  She tried to stammer out something - anything, really - but her voice was caught in her throat.  With Rich's hands free, she felt him gripping so tightly about her
waist, so strong and eager... until she only felt one, and could only distantly recall what that meant.

A sound went off like a firecracker, and Lily felt a searing heat on her big, exposed tush that she realized was Rich's hand, spanking her hard enough to leave a mark.  He did
it again and her entire body tensed up in what was about to be a gushing, panting seizure of pleasure, thankfully including her anus, as Rich was on a hair trigger.  He had
tried to keep the spanking light in the past out of fear of Rosalyn hearing and Lily not being that into it, but his mind was also nearly gone, and Rosalyn wasn't home.  He
lifted his hand into the air, where Lily turned to watch it, as both a warning and to give her a chance to talk him down.  Lily watched it, and he saw it - that tiny bit of
fear and anticipation... and the anticipation grew and grew, as she sat on his cock and rode it, as he fucked it up into her, and as the skin on her pale cheek started
to glow red.  She watched him, mouth open, panting, waiting, and then she bent forward and kept her eyes on his hand, and back to his face, and back to his hand again.

He put as much as he could into it, and the sound was crisp, a whip-crack that left Lily speechless, although he could see the four letter word forming on her lips.  She doubled
over, and he once again felt her tightening around his cock, but at the same time he felt her squirting all over his legs, her body trembling.  She had stopped bouncing,
and they both stopped for a few seconds, until Lily shook her head and looked back at him again, slightly reproachful, but very lustily.  He lifted his hand again, and she
reached back and put her own hand gingerly on the crimson print on her right cheek.

"Other cheek, hon," she said, and he saw the light tears in her eyes.  He dropped his hand and raised the other one, and gave her some light, playful spanks, and Lily picked
up the pace again, the scarlet handprint burning on her big tush.

With that much stimulation, he wasn't going to last much longer.  Lily grasped his arms again and pinned them down and took control, and he could tell that she was on a mission.
She still kept her anus tight, but it was obvious that she was just trying to string him along as long as possible.  

She was still painfully in the mood, her unused pussy aching for Rich or that purple thing or a bedpost, but she knew there was only long Rich could go without cumming before he really did lose his mind.  They still had a whole night to fool around undisturbed, and Rich's tongue wasn't going nowhere.  Well, in her pussy, but... the point was, this boy was ready to blow, and Lily knew that it was time to face the music.

She tried to ride him hard and fast to climax, but realized that she was far too exhausted to keep that up, and so instead, she started to go slow, taking him up and down, all the way up and down the shaft as he watched and felt her suck him off with the wrong hole.  Every time she bottomed out and felt him twitching, she tightened up her sphincter and stopped him.  She got slower and slower until, finally, she sat down on him and felt him really about to blow, and tightened up as best she could.  She was pretty sure that even that wouldn't do it, but it did, and Rich was holding his breath.

After all that violent riding, Lily merely looked over her shoulder, breathing heavily, her huge breasts trembling and heaving, her hands still gripping his arms... and he felt her loosen her sphincter, slightly.  Her eyes and sweet smile said, "cum in my ass, honey.  I'm ready."  It was such a simple, intimiate act that Rich would have been overcome with emotion if he hadn't instead been overcome with the most deafening ejaculation of his life, his ears popping from the pressure differential as he loosed a load deep in Lily's bowels so huge and forceful that she gasped, and then sheepishly smiled at him.  As he pumped her hungry stomach full of his pent-up seed, his hand lifted into the air of its own accord, and Lily watched it, smirking, before closing her eyes and licking her lips in anticipation.  With a woosh as his hand cut the air, followed immediately thereafter by the crack that nearly broke both of them, he gave her the last spank of the night, and likely the last one she'd ever need, and she groaned, and exhaled soundlessly, her head dropping down out of Rich's view, her hole spasming with the waves of her final pleasure, milking him unintentionally to completion.

With Lily completely spent, her grips on his arms loosened along with her well-self-fucked anus, he instead took her arms, and pulled her weight back on top of him, his aching, twitching member still comfortably snug in her extremely hot, and now flooded, ass, so that her back laid against his chest, her head against his neck, and he could feel her panting, smell the sweetness of her breath, feel her chest rising and falling, her body slick with sweat, her eyes, when they can fixate, looking simultaneously up and down at him, underneath her.

For her part, she became aware of her behavior, and felt embarassed... to the point of distracting her from her weight as her body lay on Rich in its entirety.  Her entire body is threatening to boil over, not least of which, of course, are her intestines, which feel a mixture of raw, slippery, distended, and bloated, but most intensely, they feel hot.  Even the diaphonous nightgown traps her excess heat against her skin, although it is so sheer that she can still feel Rich's heat beneath her. Rich puts a finger under her chin to lift it up, and though the contortion proves a little difficult, they kiss, and Lily forgets all of her internal complaints about the heat, or the bright red handprint on her butt.  All she could think about was loving Rich, and loving Rich for the rest of the night.