Monday, June 25, 2012

Top Tush Tournament

Sooooo... we did a commission instead of finishing the two pictures we were supposed to finish.  Oops.  They'll be done real soon, though, promise.  For now, here's the picture, which was commissioned by the owner of the oxford guide to booty tumblr for their "Top Tush Tournament" and their "Caboose Cup," both of which might interest you if you're a connoisseur of derrieres.  For once, we'll show off some process:

So, yah.  You, too, can be the proud owner of a commissioned piece by us, in an alternate universe where we actually finish commissions (I believe it's Earth 616, if so, say hello Spider-Man for me while you're there)!  The next picture up will be the futa picture, and then the trap picture, with a full story.  - Majalis

Monday, June 18, 2012

Futa sketches

The trap picture is almost done, and following that, the picture after will very likely be... futa!  So, in the spirit of girls with cocks (chicks with dicks?  Chicas con penes?  Gals with phal(luse)s?) (Sluts with nuts?  Whores with more oh no now they're all offensive.) , let's have a look at a few old sketches with promise.   

It's a bit difficult to make out, but there's a succession of objects, particularly buttplugs, of increasing size laid out.  The story behind this one was a bookie that had a debtor way, way, in the red (which would be indicated on that book she's holding) who had to sit on said successive objects (which was indicated by the maid outfit in the background), which surreptitiously includes her own fat one (as indicated by the bottle of lube she's just dumped on it, and the fact that it's clearly a big dick.)  Unfortunately, the original sketch is huge, and we just never got around to finishing it because of the level of detail it involved, which is a shame, because it features A) feet, B) a futa with a big dick and C) a sight gag, three of the very best things, according to some.

This one is supposed to take place in a bar bathroom stall (shot from above, hence the perspective).  An unfortunately feminine patron tries to pick up a knockout, and ends up getting one in the butt in a bathroom stall (why does that sound so familiar?)  Yeah, this one remains unfinished because we ended up trodding on similar ground.  Both of these have fairly large story fragments for them, but, alas, it'll probably be a while before we see 'em finished.  New update Tuesday, probably.  - Majalis

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thick Ladies

Alright, next finished picture is 75% done.  It's a trap!  Although, with forewarning, it's not a very good trap, is it?  (Still has a nice bum, though, so there's that).  For now, though, let's delve into a much bigger issue: stacked ladies.

There's a certain shape and aesthetic that we've been trying to perfect when it comes to ladies of the hourglass persuasion.  With something drawn, particularly in a semi-cartoonish style like ours, you can get away with a very bee-like shape (that is, a tiny waist and flared out hips, preferably with big melons of either the canteloupe or watermelon varieties, depending on your preference).  In practice, we've yet to really nail that vibe, although Little Miss Indignant  up there is a decent approximation, including that unbelievable arrogance that women born with a full house tend to have (just kidding; not sure why she's such a snooty fox!  Maybe she's proudly showing them off?)  One of the more amusing character tropes to associate with this body type is extreme shyness or naivety about sex.  After all, most people don't choose to have that kind of shape; it just sort of happens naturally, although plenty of women work for it (whether its really attainable or not).

We're much more successful with the pear-shaped girls.  Here's one with cum stopped in her butt.  Also an opportunity to show off  feet for a certain crowd (antique clock enthusiasts, I would guess).  So this one's a definite possibility.  We have a few nearly-finished pear shape girls, but one thing that ends up happening is that unnatural look, which can be appealing, but it can be nice to have a more natural, small-breast accentuated-hips/butt look as well, so we're striving for both ends of that spectrum, including the aforementioned wasp-like shape that can show up on hourglass figures as well.  On the psychological side, there's the endearing sensitivity (moe?) or embarrassment about being small in the chest, and either re-appropriated pride or additional shame at having a big butt (either weight-issues or how rears are considered more sexualized or carnal than tig bitties in pop culture).  As Queen said: fat-bottomed girls make the rockin' world go round.

The final shape for the curvy lady, "round" or apple shaped, also proves elusive.  Again, there are two aesthetics here, though they're not really competing for us.  There's the "cute girl, except cuter and more to love," which is a girl with notable chub without anything that really stands out as particularly "fat."  This is a challenge in our pseudo-animu style (or any animu style, really), as it can be hard to show off any features at all in that streamlined paradigm without making them seem exaggerated.  The other thing that an apple-girl might or might not have is a belly; not necessarily the kind of bump that makes strangers congratulate her, but just a round, soft belly area that enthusiasts for plus-sized ladies tend to enjoy.  A deeper belly button, if you will.  This one has a tendency to edge into "pregnant" territory, and the best way to show it's not pregnancy - that is, showing it 'crease' a bit, starts to run headlong into "fat" territory as well, so there's a morton's fork (for cake! Haha, fat jokes!) there.  This girl has a round, cute face, thick thighs, and an ample bosom, but she's actually approaching hourglass-plus in terms of shape.  C'est la vie.  - Majalis

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Here we go, some sketchwork.  First up, Jewel:

Another scene from Jewel x Kelshey, the dominionist elf suprecamist.  This one's a bit more subtle about
Jewel's trap status, and continues on with the "giving a blowjob" theme.

Jewel has a lot of comedy scenes, like this one, featuring her having problems fitting through a tight space because of her birthin' hips.

And finally something a little bit more hardcore, Jewel x Rotbrush, chief warrior of the trolls, although rough at this stage.  There's at least one sketch for every character so far, although a lot of them don't feature the character too prominently.   We'll try to work some of them up more.  For now, here's an unrelated funny:

This one's a socialite at some "family values" candidates' fund-raiser.  If it's difficult to make out in the sketch, they're a trap, because what else says "family values" candidate than plugging some boy's hole (literally)? - Majalis

Thursday, June 7, 2012


So today we have a short story and a quick picture for y'all.  Also going to update this blog with some more scattered sketches/Jewel soon, so a head's up on that.

The creatures of the forest were usually docile.  In the past, even though it was known to be a magical forest, it wasn’t considered dangerous by the local villages.  However, as of late, more and more adventurers had set upon the supernatural denizens of the forest with the intent to plunder and slay them.  Some were truly menaces to the nearby villages, who had asked adventurers to defeat them on their behalf, but others had been placid until agitated by these “righteous quests.”  Indeed, it became an endless cycle, with the forest steadily becoming less and less hospitable to anyone with the look of an adventurer.

It eventually became so much of a problem that even the village hunters and loggers would be attacked.  As raiding party after raiding party sought safety in numbers, the creatures of the forest became outright hostile to any men that dared set foot within.  While men without weapons or the look of an adventurer would be chased off unharmed, groups of men or anyone well-armed would be attacked viciously.  On the other end of the spectrum, women that went into the forest to hunt small game or pick fruits or flowers went unmolested.  And so, a young boy from the village hatched a plan for glory and bounty:  a plan that required his sister’s clothes, a few hair beads, and his own feminine looks.

The adventurers that had come from far and away had not done so to answer the villagers calls for help, although some found that wealth came easily to monster hunters.  Originally, they had come in search of jewels, artifacts, and ancient runes, hoarded away or inadvertently guarded by the monsters of the forest.  Now that the forest had become completely hostile, it was virtually impossible to go inside with the intent of looting it… unless you appeared to be a flower-picking schoolgirl, that is.

And so the boy entered the forest, wearing his sister’s clothes and his hair tied to the side, in the hopes of finding riches and treasures undefended.  He almost immediately came across a barghest, large and intimidating, but when it saw the frills of his skirt and the basket clutched in his small hands, it turned away, disinterested.  Indeed, creature after creature took note of him, including brownies, which jeered and catcalled and disappeared into the underbrush, dryads, which frolicked by a stream, and giggled as he passed, and a single satyr, stern-looking and majestic, which watched him from between two twin elms.  He worried that it was going to attack him, but as he walked by it, it smelled the air, and then grinned, before running off deeper into the forest.

The boy came to a still clearing.   At first, the sun shined brightly, but as he stepped out into the clearing, he noticed the sky slowly darkening.  When he looked to see what cloud or tree branch had covered over the sun, he saw instead a looming mass of writhing tentacles gathering overhead.  Before he could yell out, one wrapped around his leg from below and wrenched him into the air.

The tentacles stripped him of his clothes, and began to spread his cheeks apart, its intent clear.

“...w-wait!  I'm not a girl!”

The creature didn't care.  Within seconds it had forced his mouth open and had him sucking on a tentacle, and within seconds after that, it had burrowed a tentacle so far into his anus that he worried the two might touch.  His hands went limp when he realized there was nothing he could do to fight it, even as more and more of the tentacle wriggled itself into his bottom.  His bowels were unaccustomed to being forced open, but a tentacle was molesting them thoroughly regardless.  He was being anally violated, and the creature didn't seem to care that he was actually a boy.  In fact, it seemed not to understand it, as tentacles simply brushed "it" aside on their way to and fro, ignoring the dangling thing as if it didn't even matter.  Even if something salty dripped onto one of the tentacles, it wouldn't pay that peculiar fact any mind, if a tentacle can be said to have a mind of its own.  Eventually, after swinging back and forth with the motion for a while, it came to rest on one of the large, fat tentacles that likewise didn't seem to notice or care that something was laying on top of it, dribbling precum.

Tentacle after tentacle invaded his ass, molested it, and left behind a token of its affection in his bowels, still freshly steaming, until his stomach started to churn and his belly started to bloat.  Some tentacles weren't even that patient, instead choosing to share his aching hole with another tentacle, or even two, and his asshole had to stretch and distort to accommodate them.  The biggest tentacle bided its time, simply appearing now and again, or coiling around his body.  He knew it was going up his ass eventually, unless he was saved before it had a chance to.

He was also forced to suck tentacle after tentacle until their gooey conclusion.  Some of the fatter ones forced his jaw open wide, and felt like he was sucking on a horse.  Sometimes he let their slimy loads drip from his mouth, or spit them out, but he ended up swallowing just as much, having no choice after a tentacle continued to pulse in his mouth long after it'd run out of room. Several times the finish was so sudden and powerful that it shot out from his nose, or out his lips around the tentacle that had spawned it.  The worst tentacles went right down his throat and deposited it into his stomach manually, and his 'favorite' tentacles simply spit it all over his face.

After one tentacle finished and popped out of his rear-end, everything seemed to go still, and nothing replaced the anal obstruction… at first.  Soon, he saw an ominous thing: one of the tentacles was much larger than the others; likely, it was some kind of elder tentacle, or a really high level one.  There was no doubt it was the biggest, fattest tentacle there.  It slithered along under him, running down his body and under his dangly bits, as if it knew, before turning itself around and hovering by his recently vacated backdoor.

Several smaller tentacles rushed to its aide, pulling his cheeks aside so that the fat tentacle could properly reach his unfortunate asshole.  Lubricated and prepped by other tentacles of various sizes, he hoped it would be enough, but as the fat tentacle started to enter, he grit his teeth and his fingers seized up, and the only thing that kept him from cursing was another, less fat tentacle stuffed into his mouth.

He knew his ass would never go back to its original shape.  Well, unless by "shape" you meant "circular."  While some of the friendly "sharing" tentacles had tried their hardest to distort it this way and that, the fattest tentacle had undone all their hard work by simply stretching him the same in all directions, a few inches across.

His twig and berries that would have been dangling were instead sliding along the fat tentacle's underside.  Though the stimulation from his backdoor was more pain than anything, he was so overstimulated at that point that even that simple tentaclejob was going to be enough to set him off.   He resisted and resisted, but then he felt a sudden, tremendous pressure in his bowels, and realized that it was cumming in his ass.  The pressure was immense, and quickly relieved as it pulled out,  thus ending his 'tentaclejob,' but the last of that stimulation set him off.   The boy's ejaculate showered down into the mass of tentacles below, splatting several of them with the bulk of his sticky, airborne load.    The biggest tentacle's load bubbles out in a thick froth from his gaping asshole.  

Those tentacles that he showered seemed to recognize, at least, that they needed cleaning, and thus were quick to use the available cleaning holes to tidy up; namely, his ass and mouth.  After being forcefed (and buggered with) his own semen, the salty taste in his mouth permeating after one tentacle that had clearly been covered in his jizz invaded his mouth, he realized something: his semen tasted awful.  And after that tentacle helpfully washed the taste out of his mouth... with its own, snot-like briny goopy gook, he came to another realization.

This sucked.


In the end, the tentacles proved... gentle... enough, and when the last of them popped out of his mouth and forever-ruined anus, he was otherwise unharmed.  The tentacles had filled him like a jelly-filled donut, and his belly was bloated and distended with tentacle "soup," and he got about three steps before it gurgled, and he squatted to relieve himself of as much of slime as he could.  He wiped his face with the torn tatters of his clothing, and walked on unsteady legs as far away as they would take him.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Jewel (Kelshey)

Gonna try to get the blog back on schedule.  First, as we posted on HF, we've finished one of our old Jewel pictures (for more of Jewel, scroll down).  We have other finished Jewel pictures, but they need some editing, and we don't want to bore you guys by overexposing this character (particularly when so many of you are looking out for more of, say, Raquel).

This one features (in a small part) Kelshey, the Prince of Elves, one of Jewel's suitors, whose favorite past-time re: Jewel is haughty denigration.  It's entirely possible that he's just gloating about the fact that he finally met a human male more effete than he.  Not entirely finished with his portion of the story yet, but we will say that it's full of over-the-top humiliation rhetoric, but unfortunately light on the bestial, monster-bangin' aspects of the Jewel metastory.  If the blog were more popular as is, we'd have a poll or something to find out which 'suitor' people want to see with Jewel.