Sunday, May 31, 2015

Story Factory

Hey guys, here are the story nominees for the patron-voted story.  Send us an email at to have your vote counted!

Hentai Girl
Pegging Order
Love Darts
Machine Churning
!WINNER #1! Maid to Order
Puppy Love

- Majalis

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Patreon Voting FAQ

This is a FAQ for how our voting system works for Patreon backers at Pony tier and above.


Q: What are the different things I can vote on?
A: The recurring 'campaign' is the sketch factory, where you vote for sketches/story snippets to become real boys full-fledged pictures and stories.  Other than, there are one-off votes that we'll announce in our Patreon activity feed.  Right now, the on-going ones are:
Q: Where do I go to see the sketches I'm voting on?
A: There's a folder accessible in Dropbox with a link that we send out each month after pledges go through - message us to gain access if your pledge went through and you didn't receive a link, but you should receive it in the normal flow of things.  The folder is Sketches and Finished Images (Pony Tier+) > Sketch Factory > All Releases.

Q: How do I vote?
A: The easiest way is to message us through Patreon.  Just give us the # and name of the image you see in the sketch factory you like.  :D  

Q: Can I split my votes/can I spend my votes on the same picture/story?
A: Feel free to tell us multiples, in your order of preference - we'll keep track, and once your first choice wins, we'll move your selection to your second choice, etc.

Q: What do you mean by votes 'stacking'?
A: Rather than allow a voting bloc to select each voted-on-sketch, the sketch factory has a stacking vote system - every time we finish one entry in the sketch factory, a number of votes corresponding to your tier is added to the sketch/snippet you've selected.  So even if you don't have a lot of votes, or if you're the only person who wants a picture/story to get done (eventually), eventually you'll get it!

Q: When do you pick a winner?  What happens then?
A: Twice or three times a month, we'll declare a winner - the sketch with the most votes.  Two Thursday's later, we'll post the finished product.  At that point, anyone who selected that sketch/snippet will have to make a new selection, anyone in Angel/Succubus tier can ask for alternates if they had selected that picture (if that's how they're getting their alts), and that sketch is (obviously) removed from the pool.  

Q: When will you post new sketches?
A: In bunches we're calling 'releases', at no real pre-defined time.  We'll post the second 'release' when we figure out exactly how we want to handle subsequent 'releases' in a more private manner than this blog; we're open to suggestions.  

Q: Can I change my vote?
A: Yes, but to avoid abuse, only at specific times.  Basically, you can change your vote when the pool of options changes for you; either your horse won the race (your sketch/snippet got selected) or there's a new release.  Any votes you had towards your old selection will go to the new one in that latter circumstance. Otherwise, your old votes are stuck where they are, and only new subsequent votes will go towards your new selection, so choose wisely!  We're not responsible if you develop a new fetish!  (actually, who are we kidding; there's a good chance we are.)

Q: What if I change my patron tier?  Do I lose my votes if it goes down?  Do I gain extra votes if it goes up?
A: If your patron tier goes up or down, it'll smoothly transition.  For instance, if you had dragon tier, 3 votes per biweekly, and it's been four bi-weeklies, you'd have 12 votes going to your selected sketch/snippet.  If you downgraded to bunny tier, 2 votes per biweekly, at the end of the next biweekly cycle you'd have 14 votes going to your sketch/snippet of choice.

Q: How many votes do I get?
A: Depends on your patreon tier (see below).  We're considering opening up the Angel and Succubus tier vote amounts to backers willing to pay parity for those tiers ($20 and $40, respectively) without getting the other rewards, which are on a limited basis.
  • Pony Tier - 1
  • Bunny Tier - 2
  • Dragon Tier - 3
  • Angel Tier - 4
  • Succubus Tier - 5
Q: How do the various animal-inspired tiers make any sense?
A: Short answer: only in our heads.  Long answer: they're based on the level of fetishizing each of those 'animal'/'vegetable'/'mineral' get.  So catgirls/boys are entry level, horsecock, bunnyboy/girl, dragon-girl/boys, angels (not yo' daddy's angels), and, of course, succubi, the patron unsaints of sexy times.  

Q: Who are you?  Why are you in my house?!
A: *Smokebomb*

- Majalis

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Patreon Details

Our patreon is launched!  Click here to get to it.

Hey there! Majalis here - the cyclopean two-person author/illustrator team responsible for at least one (1) of your fetishes.

So you, being familiar with us, know our business model: we make content  (pictures and stories and the occasional animation or comic) and we post it on the internet for free.  Those of you who understand business will note that this is not actually a business model (!) as it generates zero revenue.   D:

This is because it was never meant to be! we just like to create things for people, and art is our hobby. We'll continue to post free content for people as long as we can. Which is until we starve! Turns out, you can't eat fans.   Well, not legally. You can't eat money either, but you can use... uh... you get the point.

With your patronage, we can afford to create more - more frequently, more consistently, and mo' better.  Rather than the per-diem work we're currently doing, we can shift towards doing more of the good stuff.

For those of you who don't know how Patreon works, it's like this: you pledge to patron us at an amount you choose, much like kickstarter, but unlike kickstarter, patreon is indefinite - you patron us for as long and for as much as you want, and as long as you do you get access to patron rewards based on the tier of payment you qualify for. For us, you'd be financing each picture or story update we do, up to a maximum you can also set so you don't have to worry about going over-budget.  We'd prefer you set the max for at least two updates worth, particularly on the limited-seat tiers, but it's up to you.  Setting it at your rate is basically a monthly patronage.

And for that support, we're offering rewards: first off, pledging at any tier gets you a Patreon-only pin-up!  We're also offering a plethora of rewards at various tiers: from our sketches and story snippets, of which there is a metric butt-ton (that's four imperial ass-loads), to the psd files that become the fuel for our pngs and jpgs, patron-first pictures and stories, our private email list, and a contribution towards the creation of Majalis comics, animations, and, potentially, games. As well, all patrons above a certain tier ($3 per update) get to vote on what we do for our goal animations and comics, as well as a semi-monthly vote on which image and/or story we'll work on next! See the pledge tiers below!

For a list of all the tiered reward, see this blog post.

A lot of this patreon comes from the wastefulness of our creative process - we produce WAY more art and writing than we actually post, because we only really post completed works.  That's been our 'rule' since the beginning, to try and hide some of the sausage-making, but as we've grown as artists, we've become more and more willing to show our nascent ideas.  Not only can you gain access to those sketches and comment on them, but you can also vote using our democracy-lite voting system on which picture we'll work on next from a selection we'll provide - it's always been difficult for us to figure out which pictures will capture the imaginations and boners (and lady-boners) of our audience, but this will provide us a way to get feedback on what to work on from our fans!

The first milestone is bi-weekly updates guaranteed, which means at least one picture or story chapter up every other Thursday.  We won't charge for more than 4 updates in a month, so it's between weekly and monthly, and we're incentivized to update as often as possible.

With the first milestone comes the concept of the vote; basically, each bi-weekly update will either be something that we worked up on our own or the most recent 'winner' of the votes.  Of the two bi-weeklies in a month, at least one will be from this voting pool; possibly both.

The votes will be on sketches or story snippets; we'll try to curate the sketches and snippets to a set level of 'finished'-ness, though particularly at first they may vary, with line-art pictures and rougher sketches thrown into the mix.

The voting system works as thus:

You let us know which of the sketches up on this blog post (which will change over time as new sketches are added/completed) OR which snippet up on this blog post (TBD)  you'd like us to finish.  To do so, you can email us, gchat us or leave a comment on that picture on HF/our blog/potentially tumblr if we figure out how to manage that

When we eventually do that picture/snippet, you can select a new one through the same channels.

The way that the vote tallying works is that dependent on your tier you'll get a number of votes-per-cycle.  The cycles are two-week cycles.  What this means is that as long as you remain a patron, those votes will accumulate towards your target picture/story.  At the end of each cycle, if we finished the picture or story snippet with the most votes, we'll pop that one off the stack and  and we'll start work on the one with the next most votes, if not, we'll finish the one with the most votes on the next cycle, and so on, and so on.  So if you're persistent enough, your votes will eventually accumulate and the picture you like will be selected; it just might take a while.

We'll be tracking this through a spreadsheet with formulas so it'll essentially be automated.

We're not going to start the tallies until we hit that first goal, but you can select your horse in the race as soon as you pledge; we'll be putting up a bunch of sketches/snippets starting tonight.  In the meantime, if you already know what your first selection is, you can 'nominate' any sketch we already have up on our primary blog, and put it in the running!

Thanks to everyone who asked for this and gave us advice and everyone who pledges and everyone who doesn't but tells us how much they appreciate and enjoy or work, and to those who silently enjoy it as well, upvoting and fav'ing, you make it all worth it.

Always yours,
- Majalis

Patreon Sketch Factory

Captions indicate a sketch's sketch name; include that in your email to our patreon email (visible in the patreon activity feed) to tell us which sketch you intend to vote for.  (we'll explain story voting when we get that set up).  The 75 sketches below are the first three releases; we'll announce/link to Release #4 and on in our patreon feed.  Patrons also have access to these images and the sketch factory via our Dropbox link that we send out monthly.  We have a LOT of sketches, and not all of them make it in.

Release #3


Do It for the Car


Raquel (POV)

Worth It


Ate Too Much

Gettin' It

Yogurt Cannon


Dog Lover

A Big Fan

Internal Strife

Transclucent Skirt

Spread and Go


Tug of War


Before and Afer

Quality Control

Side Anal

Used Parts



Aerial DP

Release #2

Sad Bunny

!WINNER #8! Over the Table

Game Over (Dragon)

Wax Poetic

Cheater's Lament


Hear You Coming

Dog Days

!WINNER #7! Buggered

Free Will

Game Over (Kobolds)

Falling for the Trap

Drink Your Medicine


!WINNER #9! Waspish

Wall Mounted

Holstered Gun


3 Faces of Trapdom

Turnip in Odd Places



Keys and Locks

Release #1

!WINNER #3! Date Night

!WINNER #10! Chair Job

Side Anal (Isabella)

Look Ma (Isabella)

!WINNER #4! Double Play

!WINNER #14! Trap x Futa '69

!WINNER #1! Stockade Blockade

Door Number Two
Puppy and Kitty


!WINNER #2! Half-Man

Updraft (Jewel)

!WINNER #6! The Auction (Jewel)

Small Mouth, Big Cock
Fund Raising

Humans Need Boy-Love Too (Jewel)

Futa Dom

Check for Ripeness

Axe Trap

Bunny Boy Bendover
!WINNER #5! Futa Food (Creamy Buns)
Take a Picture

The Necromancer

Fruit Shaped