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Troja - Digital Girl

Troja - Digital Girl (Click for Enlarge)

-******-Corrective honeytrap activated-******-
-**-Analyzing Subject-**-
-Subject Scanned- |Status: Critical|
-***-Downloading Countermeasures-***-
-Unit Deployed-
-**-Gathering Data-**-
-***-Final Analysis-***-
-Corrective Measures Established-
-*************-Unit Uploading-*************-
-Unit Materialized-
-*-Beginning Webcam Broadcast-*-

{Subject likes "painal" videos and argues on the internet about how women really like it, etc. etc.}

{Surveillance revealed subject utilizes pornographic material between 01:00 and 03:00}

{Subject's keyboard is sticky}

{Subject downloaded trojan real_college_coed_gets_suprise_anally_destroyed_hidden_camera.avi.exe}

{Executed trojan file}

Being used to a billion cycles a second, the non-virtual world appeared to her as if it stood still, everything happening so slowly that she had time to observe each and every heartbeat as if it were movement of the tectonic plates.  So when she emerged from the monitor like Samara from the Ring, with long, dark, stringy hair, she was greeted not by the horrified face of her victim, as Samara would, but by the dull vacant stare of a bored internet masturbator at two in the morning, eyes glazed over and penis ambivalently in hand.  He was already mostly naked, but she didn't mind; so was she.  She spilled out onto his lap, supported her weight on his thighs and gave his unaware mouth a kiss, but he didn't respond, as it would still be minutes if not hours from her perspective before the realization that something had happened would appear on his face.  Right now, he was still watching a busty co-ed "forced" to take a gangbang solely up the butt, and his disappointment that the video wasn't as authentic as advertised was the only expression he wore.  "Meh," he was in the process of thinking to himself, "she's barely getting anally destroyed at all."

The girl that emerged from his computer monitor would have given him a much more animated reaction, if he had time to perceive it.  Not only was she gorgeous, and full-bodied, but she was wearing nothing but underwear, none of which was doing an admirable job of hiding her goody parts.  Her breasts were barely contained in an undersized blue sports bra, and her naughty bits were precipitously constrained by a blue thong, the fabric of which was stretched beyond reason by a peculiar, out of place package that bulged out awkwardly even now, when Troja’s flesh and blood body hadn’t had time to catch up to her arousal.  Just a limp noodle and two full grapefruits stuffed into a form-fitting undergarment.

Her feet finally came to rest on the floor between his legs, and she saw that he wasn’t bad-looking.  A little scrawny in some places, and a little chubby in others, but with a fresh haircut and a good attitude, he could be a very lucky boy.  At the moment, however, she knew that he happened to be a very [i]unlucky[/i] boy, as his cute face, his bitter demeanor and his lazy, fat bottom put him squarely in Troja’s type, which made her panties even less capable of containing her rapidly expanding desire.  As a sentient computer virus, Troja’s job was usually boring, floating around on the internet, trying to detect a potential target… but it was times like these that made her job so much fun, and so very easy.  She licked her lips, and then bent over to kiss his again.  She looked down at his cock in his hand, and reached down to pry his grip off.  It was always an odd sensation, interacting with a real human… his fingers were powerless as she pried them off, one by one, and then brought his finger up to her mouth and sucked on it.  By that point, she was [b]very[/b] happy to see him, and if he had been able to perceive her, he could have looked past her face, down at her underwear, to see that her long, hard cock had almost completely escaped.

“I hope you made some... heh, [i]room[/i] in your... busy schedule of being a prick on the internet for our appointment,” she said to him, although he couldn’t hear her. 

She turned around, giving him a full view of her rear, albeit at the same time nearly knocking his keyboard off of his desk with her wang.  She caught it, and then displayed on the screen his… collection.

“Let's see... Bottomless Bottoms, Painal Colony 3 and 4...  Buttfucked in Bangkok... Bust My Butthole or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Buttbomb... I'm sensing a pattern.  Oh, what's this... Blownout Butts 5, 8, and 10... Gaping Sluts 1 through... 12... hrm.  Answer me honestly - would you bust open a girl's asshole if you got the chance?” she said, turning to him, and putting her hand on the back of his head so that he ‘nodded’ up and down. “Yeah, thought so.  Me too.  Which is why we've got to get you into your new outfit.  You look like you'll make a cute girl.”

She reached her arms back into the computer, rummaged around a bit, and then pulled out a pink garter belt and matching stockings. 

“I would get a training bra, too, but I don’t think anyone will see it.”

Unbeknownst to him, she hoisted him up and over to his bed, wiggling his underwear off of his ankles so that he was completely naked.  She pulled the garter belt up over his hips, then pulled on each stocking and clipped it to the garter.   Her own underwear could no longer contain her, so she ripped it off at her hip, discarding it on his bed, as it was completely superfluous for what she needed to do.

She pulled him off the bed and onto his knees, and bent him over it.  She made sure he supported himself on his elbows, and then gave him a light little slap on his tush.

“I know what you’re thinking.  We’re not compatible, right?  Silly boys like you always seem to forget you have a perfectly usable port… well, not perfect, but good enough for me.  I don’t mind a little packet loss.  I plan on losing a pretty big packet in there, actually.”

She positioned herself behind him and used her thumbs to spread his cheeks apart, exposing his pink little hole.

“And what a pretty little port it is.  Prepare for docking, boyo,” she said.  She pressed her lips against it in a kiss, with both of her hands on his butt, and then pushed her tongue inside.   Her massive digit thumped into his as she rummaged through his backside, knowing he couldn’t feel it… yet.  Deciding she’d had her fill of him, and wanting to get to the good part, she stood up, spread her legs, and positioned her huge cock up against his virtual spit-lubed butthole.  “Requesting access to serverSocket.  Hope it’s not busy.”

She gripped onto his hips, pulled his ass back, and pushed hers forward.  It seemed like she was exploiting a glitch in the real world itself, managing to cram her massive meat into his tiny puckered virgin hole.

“No password?  That’s not very secure.  I thought I was going to have to at least spoof my access ID, but as it is, anyone could access your asshole.  Or is that by design?  Well, I suppose that way is very convenient for the end-user…”

She had, on a few occasions, helped someone live out the "painal" fantasy, which involved changing the value of her penisGirth variable prior to calling penetrate(),  but she had different plans for the boy, and it didn't seem fair to double dose.  Instead, as she buried her rod deeper in the boy's colon, she also pumped it thicker and thicker.  The boy didn't seem to mind, which made sense.  After all, he did like it when buttholes were stretched open wide by an act of rough anal sex, right?

“Hey, you like watching an o-ring get all stretched out, right?”  Again, she tipped his head backwards and forwards.  “Then boy, are you gonna enjoy seeing the aftermath of [i]this.[/i]”

She shook her hips side to side, stretching him wider and wider.  Her anal muscles were, of course, reluctant, but with each horizontal movement she made his love tunnel stretched and warped, his walls clinging to her.

Even though he couldn’t hear, one of her  favorite things about being out in the real world was dirty pillow talk.  Although she wasn’t exactly coded for it.  “Be honest, do you extend slut, or do you just implement the interface?  I’ve gotta say, I’m a big fan of your takeAnal(Cock otherCock) routine.  This implementation is… robust.”

She crammed it in deep so that their bodies were together, bloated her cock as much as it would go, and swiveled her hips around.  She could [i]hear[/i] his anus stretching.

“I’m not gonna encrypt it.  You have quite the fun tunnel, kid.  Sorry, [i]had[/i]. setAnalCircumference(getAnalCircumference() + 10);   We’re talking about a wide bus, here.  No… mmguh… performance bottlenecks anymore…”

She continued to pound it in and out with reckless abandon, having shaped it well enough that such a fucking was possible, although the prolonged reaming was making it even easier and easier.

“I have to apologize… to anyone else that planned on editing this code… I’m doing a very sloppy job here.  Maintenance is going to be… difficult.”

           Troja worked his ass open for a few of her nano-second minutes, then worked his ass OPEN with a capital O for a few minutes more, during which her digital payload sloshed around in her overly full balls, filling her with an urge to get her own reward, to fill his hole with all of her data, a few warm, sticky petabytes of it.  She spent so long on the internet all pent up that she'd saved up a veritable unsigned long-full of the stuff.  She was nearly there... but was having a hard time buffering.

“I’m gonna overflow... tighten up!  Ooh… if only I could do this at run-time…”

Of course, any physiological response that would make him tighten up would take too long for her purposes, so she cleverly pulled his cheek to one side while pulling her cock to the other so that she could use his sphincter, his one remaining tight ring, to masturbate it out of her.  She’d done such a number on his butthole that even for her bloated cock it was too loose to use otherwise;  even if she fully thrust her shaft up into it, it would barely offer any resistance at all, like the most battleworn, turned-out sluttiest pussy.   While it still felt good to bury it balls-deep in his shithole, it no longer offered enough sensation for her resolve her routine gracefully… and she wasn’t about to return to the virtual world with real blue balls.  Besides, what fun was it to ream a boy’s funhole so comically large that it looked like you’d fisted him, if you didn’t also fill that newly-mined quarry up with a surprise semen load?  So she continued to pull his cheek aside and rub it against his wall as best she could, gripping firmly onto his round white mound as she did, utterly ignoring the genitals dangling just underneath.  She wiggled her cock in his gaping chasm so that it stuck to the walls and she felt the subtle contractions and pulses of a ruined rectum, and even squeezed his cheeks together to try and make it tighter, but the only thing that worked was to rub one out against the side of his colon, so she put her hand on his rear and pulled it this way and that while gently rubbing against his sore wall until, finally, she blasted it up his newly-clogged plumbing, her tiny twitches and jerks filling up his stretched out tunnel with the gooey contents of her balls.

Her cock plugged his hole, even as the cum began to backwash, his makeshift pussy simply unable to compensate for the amount of semen invading it from the wrong direction.

“Upload… complete.”

On some occasions, the moment where she finished her punishment was a relatively calm one, as her heart returned to its resting rate, and she uttered a refreshed "ah," and as their violated hole relinquished her post-spewing cock with a small, barely perceptible sound, so that it constricted and puckered and kissed its gift-giver, snapping shut to keep the fresh, boiling, sticky load inside.

And with that perverse kiss a single strand of cum would connect their reddened dumper with the tip of her cock, the only visible indication that they'd just been buggered, the full extent of their buggery hidden within their bowels.  She'd even left a few to puzzle out once she'd finished.  The ass-to-mouth enthusiasts seemed to figure out the fastest, on such occasions where she snuck off.

This was not such an occasion.

She pulled out at a steady pace to a wet, schlorpy sound, and the boy's hole greedily held on to it, so that when she had fully withdrawn it, it popped like a champagne cork.

She'd so vigorously crammed it in this boy's shitter that his anus was now comically agape, making it quite obvious that he'd just received a thorough booty penetration.

She noted with a sort of sadness that the webcam wouldn’t be able to pick up her movements any more than he could, maybe her entire performance would appear a single-frame blur if anything.  As she reclined next to him, a trail of cum leading from the tip of her sticky, deflating phallus into the gaping chasm that was his wrecked rectal region.  And then, she synced up her mental cycles with the typical pace of the non-virtual world.

His eyes went wide as saucers, although not as nearly as wide as his brown eye had been stretched.  The last thing he remembered, an incredibly hot woman had appeared on his computer screen.  Now, he was...

He took it in all at once.  He was naked, and his hair was up, and he was bent over the edge of his bed, knock-kneed, his butt in the air, and his asshole felt... oh no...

He felt the cool breeze between his cheeks, and then the burning on his hole, and for a second, he thought something was inside of it...  and he was close, as something had just been inside of it.   He smelled the sex in the air and felt someone lean against him, and that's when he realized how open his butt felt...

He stomach gurgled, and he felt like he had to go... but he couldn't understand why his butt felt like it did.  Instead, he just sat there and was utterly perplexed as his anus gaped and winked like a mare in heat.

"Oho, look at that face.  Someone didn't expect to get a pongo in the bongo.  Or some spooger in the pooger. Well, your pussy's as good as any other.  And, oof, boyo, let me tell you, I needed that."

He definitely felt something wet and sticky dripping out of his hole, and it definitely didn’t feel like it belonged there.

"Oof, what an upload. Yep, I flung goo up there.  Sorry kiddo.  No shithole deserves that. Relax, I don't have any malware. I just didn't have a firewall."

He couldn’t figure out what she was saying, but when he looked over and saw her massive, dripping cock, he nearly fainted.  His eyes followed a single strand of cum as it connected to some unseen place… which he realized was in his digestive tract.

"Keep it - a gift from me to you, free of charge.  You earned it, you saucy little tart.   You and your tight little fuckhole," she said, leaning forward to see her handiwork.   "Speaking of... whoa!  There's a well-used pussy if I've ever seen one.  And trust me, since I travel around the internet on porn, I've seen a lot of well-used pussies.  And plenty of badly-used ones, too.  I should leave a few bitcoins in there for a tip. I hope you don't feel too violated.   You [i]look[/i] violated enough as is.  There should be a law against what I just did to your butthole."

It was a wider gape than normally showed up in those videos, and the insides were all painted white.  A few dozen loads were probably let fly when she revealed his fucked-open-wide hole to the viewers at home.

“Quite the cave you got there, girly.  Pretty flooded, too.  You could see I had a good time.  Hotdog in a hallway comes to mind...  I can see someone's not gonna be constipated for a while. Try and close it,” she said, and whether through shock or a genuine inability, he only winked it closed slightly. “Ooh...  not happening. This is why you should be more careful in your… browsing practices.  I got to blow my load in a cramped place, and you got a busted asshole.  Raw deal, kiddo,” she said, and he couldn’t even parse the words.  "Relax, I preserved your virginity.  Preserved the fuck out of it... kind of rough for your first time to be in your shithole, though."

They were both silent for a moment, and then a glob of cum dislodged and started to drip onto the floor.

“Look at it dripping out... you are SO full of spunk. Well, thanks for letting me spit my slime in your gaper, kiddo.”

With time stopped for him, he wasn't aware that he lost his anal virginity in between a heartbeat, but he was more than aware of it now.  His stomach churned and rumbled… and then the air that had been trapped inside escaped, blowing a sticky spiderweb all over the floor, and the webcam, coating it with a white film that all but ended the stream.

With that, she stood up, walked over to the computer, and gave him a short wave goodbye before bending over, giving him a full view of her behind, and her dangling cock, and putting her arm through the screen.   She disappeared into it with a flash... and he sat still in his room, silent, utterly bewildered, her cum bubbling out of his gaping asshole, her torn panties still on his bed.

Lot of object-oriented language going on here, but she’s definitely not coded in Java, since her extension is .exe.  Then again, that’s not the only weird extension she has.  Heyo!  - Majalis

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One possible explanation for paradoxical undressing.

More trap stuff coming up soon.  - Majalis

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Shades of Alexus

New Jewel chapter (2) is up.  Here's a few different shades of Black!Alexus, the original, as well as White!Alexus for completion's sake.

For those wondering, here's what Alexus looked like while we were in the development process:

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Alexus (Backshot)

So here's the next Alexus picture... with Schrodinger's genitals (and boobs).  Take your pick:




Jewel should be updated soon.   - Majalis

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New Jewel

The first chapter of Jewel (one of our fantasy trap characters) is finally up!  -> Jewel (Chapter 1)

Here's some concept art of Jewel: