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Raquel Chapter 18

Raquel - Chapter 18

The days after the show passed in a daze.  Raquel seemed to have calmed down to “normal” – as normal as Raquel ever got, anyway – and he was getting busier at work, because now they had him cleaning not only messes, but regular maintenance cleaning like buffing the floors and cleaning windows, which took a lot out of him.  He was also constantly on-guard; at least one of the other performers aside from Mei had it out for his asshole, and he didn’t doubt for a second that they’d seen the webshow – he started getting love letters in his locker which Mei seemed to know nothing about, and he heard giggles all around him constantly, like he’d wandered into the faery realm.   Maybe he’d died all those months ago and Raquel was his personal devil.  That would… explain a lot, actually.

Paula, his boss, had also made a few suggestive comments towards him, but she didn’t seem the type for a casual fling.  She would nervously mention to him that they should cap the week off with a drink at some point, a suggestion which had gotten less theoretical and more insistent with time, to the point that she was now suggesting a place that they could go to sit down and unwind, but he was always so exhausted by the end of the week he just wanted to go home, and even then, it was likely Raquel would bring him out somewhere herself.  Whenever he mentioned his girlfriend in that context, she dropped the subject and looked aghast and… perplexed, like she’d asked him about his dog and he’d confessed that it had been run over by a steamroller.  She never came out and asked him how his girlfriend felt about his job… and he wasn’t sure he would know how to answer.  The day after the webshow, she didn’t show up to work, and when she did the following day, she was… very polite.  He wondered if it was just a coincidence… but even he, dense as he was, didn’t quite buy it.

Mei herself was a bit too busy that week to chat, mostly because her mouth was full, or she was filling somebody else’s mouth, for most of it.  Whenever he found himself on one her shoots… well, watching one, not on on one, he was curious why they even bothered with the scenes where her monster went unused.  He could get it, more or less, but any time she wasn’t stretching a hole seemed like a missed opportunity.  Admittedly, if he had to film an hour long sex scene with Mei, A) he’d definitely want her to go down on him, and B) there was no way he could handle being on the receiving end for that long.  And the shoots went way longer than that.  By take seven of ‘Mei pounds him on a sofa’, he’d be a blubbering mess.

He couldn’t get what he’d suggested to Mei out of his head.  Every time he started to imagine Mei going to town on Raquel, he stopped – partially out of guilt, partially out of jealousy, and partially because he wanted to save that image for when it was actually before his eyes, and not be spoiled too soon.  When he got home to Raquel, it would occasionally flash in his mind’s eye, and he would quickly wave it away; Raquel had instincts like a fox, and he didn’t want to give it away.

“Where do you want to eat tonight?” she asked him, presupposing, as she normally did, that they were going out to eat.  Not all the restaurants on the island were expensive, but not all of the restaurants on the island served what he would call “food”, either.  Given, there was some overlap between “inexpensive” and “edible”, but he could only eat so many rice bowls before he became one with the universe and attained Nirvana.   Raquel covered the bill sometimes, and he covered it other times, but his workaday job didn’t exactly pay the big bucks.  He was getting by, but he didn’t want to have his girlfriend keep taking him out to dinner.  He was… old-fashioned that way.

“I could… make something.”

Raquel rolled her eyes.  “You cook like you fuck,” she said, turning around to wiggle her hips at his crotch.

“How’s that?”

She whirled around him, and gave him a quick one-two thrust of her hips from behind.  “You prefer to be on the receiving end,” she said, and then left him to grab her bag by the door.  She looked through it, and pulled out a wad of cash.  “Relax, I’m buying today.”

“Where’d you get that?” he asked, and she thumbed through it, got about halfway through, and then flicked half at his chest, which he stumbled to catch before it separated and left a pile of bills on the floor.

“ATM.  Where else?” she said, demurely.  He raised an eyebrow.  “Fine.  I’m selling my ass to older men.  Want to join me?”

He sighed.  “Raquel…”

“I appreciate that you didn’t ask me if I was joking.  This is your cut of the tip jar.  Or did you forget what we did already?”  The way she smiled made it impossible for him to forget.
Sometimes he wrapped his legs around Raquel while they fucked face to face, and he came on her stomach.  Sometimes she put him on his knees, grabbed his hips, and plowed him from behind doggystyle, and he came on the sheets.  Other times she took him from behind standing, and he came on his breakfast.  And sometimes, she had him sit in her lap and bounce on it, and then whether he came on the floor or her depended on which way he sat.

Sometimes, she fucked him with her eyes, and he came in his pants.

However she did it though, he often got curious why, exactly, having her force that particular part of her anatomy up his ass the wrong way [i]did[/i] get him off the way that it did.  He knew about the prostate, of course, but he also knew that she could more easily, and did, easily, press it with her finger – it was the act of filling up his anal cavity with her thick, throbbing, girl-meat that really revved his engines, he had to admit.  Having her balls-deep, said balls twitching against his, her pressed up against his back, whispering in his ear in Portuguese what a little slut he was, or calling him a [i]cum-dumpster[/i], and then feeling her cum, deep inside, not moving an inch, just twitching, throbbing, jizzing in his stomach while she bit his ear… he was absolutely certain that was the best time he’d ever had in the bedroom with anyone.  She’d sheathed it in him more times than he’d put it in any woman, Laura included.  And now she’d done it in front of total strangers on the internet… and, as he mopped the floor, he had to admit that it didn’t bother him nearly as much as he expected to.  But there was only so much a man could take.  Maybe she’d turned him out and made him an anal-craving boyslut.  Maybe.  Maybe he would be her little guttersnipe if it meant he had to wear a collar that said “R’s Cum Dump” all the time.  Maybe.  But he still had his pride!  And that meant getting one over on Raquel.  And that meant having a threesome with Mei.

It was the only way.

“Let’s get Chinese,” he said, and Raquel skipped a beat.

“S-sure.  Where did you have in mind?”

“You’ll see when we get there,” he said, feeling super clever, “but I’m sure you’ll like it.  You’re gonna be stuffed.”

Raquel did raise an eyebrow at that, as he ushered her out the door.   They did go for Chinese that night, and Raquel did get stuffed… but of course, that hadn’t been what he was talking about.
Mei sent him her recording of the webshow, which he watched with a certain grim fascination, admittedly, dick in hand.    Seeing from an outsider’s view what it looked like when Raquel inserted herself was as much an eye-opening experience as it was a brown-eye opening experience.   His mouth hung agape well before he saw the gape – just seeing the sheer length of it as it went inside of him was startling; he wouldn’t have had nearly the same reaction if a girl with a normal-sized penis was sticking it up his ass.    He knew, intellectually and physically that Raquel’s dong was bigger than the average, even if you considered that the average woman’s penis was very small, but seeing it disappear into his ass was another thing entirely.  He shuddered when he thought about what it must have looked like when Mei did it… and then a few minutes of searching later, he was watching one of her videos, and was probably having the same reaction his ‘audience’ had: that guy is fucked.

Between the red-face, the toe-curling, the teeth-gritting, and the groaning, it was obvious that this guy was, regardless of his prevalence towards being rear-ended, taking more than he could comfortably take.  Mei was gently caressing his face, but it didn’t really matter how gentle she was being above the waist when below she was pushing her hips forward and burying her monster in that poor guy’s unfortunate butthole.  By the time she bottomed out – and bottom out she did – his face was bright red, and his knuckles were titanium oxide white.  Mei stroked his hips reassuringly for a minute, and then started to rock back and forth – a small motion, but given the size of her ramrod, she was likely reaming him out with four or five inches of shrink-wrapped Asian girl-dick in a way he or his ass wouldn’t soon forget.  Mei looked over her shoulder and blew a kiss at the camera, then spanked the guy’s ass and bit her lip, her motion picking up ever-so-slightly, making the guy groan in obvious pleasure-derived-from-intensity.

The camera guy slipped into a position between Mei’s legs, showing a closeup of the action, and the man with a dick in his hand, who a few minutes prior had been watching his own ass receiving a heaping helping of Raquel’s cock, nearly fainted.  His eyes went wide at the sight: Mei was stuck-in in a big way, the guy’s ring stretched wide and thin around her, similar to the condom.  Her balls, clearly full, collided with his whenever she thrust in, and his unused cock was oozing precum by the gallon, pooling onto the sheets.  Between that sight, and Mei’s next line, “you like when I fuck your ass?”, he exploded all over Raquel’s laptop, sending a white jet of surprise nut across the screen which was still showing a close-up shot of Mei fucking a guy, period, full-stop.  Then, he felt a little twinge of remorse, and closed the tab… after bookmarking it.  Three wet wipes later, he heard Raquel open the front door, and slammed her laptop shut, hopped up off her chair and started busily looking through drawers for nothing in particular.

"What kind of porn were you watching?" she asked as she entered the room, and he swore under his breath.

"I wasn't watching anything.  I'm just trying to find... do you know where I put the... uh..."

"I don't keep track of where you put things, only where I put things," she said, and sat down at her chair, pulling her laptop open.  "And you were definitely watching something.  Before I look through the history, anything you want to confess?"

He walked over to the chair, suddenly emboldened, and put his hands on Raquel's shoulders.  She purred as he rubbed her.  "Promise you won't be mad?"

She tilted her head back to look up at him, and bit her lip.  "No."

He sighed.   "Our mutual friend."

Raquel shrugged.  "Oh.  Is that all?  What'd you think?" she asked, looking up at him piercingly.

"Mostly... I thought... 'ouch'."

She smirked, blushing slightly.  "Yeah.  Ouch."

Raquel didn't end up checking his history; instead, his punishment was that she insisted on slipping comfortably inside of him before he'd had a chance to recover.   He'd been soft while Raquel fucked him before, so it didn't bother him, much... but between her fucking him and the thought of Raquel experiencing first-hand the Ouchmaker, he got into it pretty quickly.

He didn't bring up what "Mei" had "suggested" then, because he still wanted to confer with Mei about the details.  He got his chance the next day, finally.  He caught Mei walking off the set with her partner-in-crime; he recognized her immediately, the chubby british girl who had a crush on Raquel, and her name popped into his head two seconds after it would have been useful.

"It's Erin, in case you forgot," she said, throwing her hair over her shoulder.

"Hi... Erin.   Uh, do you mind if I borrow Mei?"  He didn't want anyone hearing of their machinations... especially not someone who apparently knew Raquel and wanted her.

"Sure.   I'm done with her," she said, smirking.   He wondered who had just finished with who - Erin was pretty red in the face, but he didn't notice her shifting uncomfortably as she stood.  "How's... Raquel?" she asked, failing to make eye contact.

"She's... good.   How are you?"

She sighed.  Mei slapped her ass, which was currently clad in naught by a thong.  "She's fucked good, is what she is.  Run along, girl," she said, ushering Erin away, sensing that he wanted to have a private conversation.  Erin gave him a sideways glance as she walked away, and he finally did notice that her gait was a little... compromised.  When she was out of earshot, Mei whispered to him.  "She's got such a fat ass.  I love it."

"More than Raquel's?" he whispered back, and she licked her lips.

"Raquel doesn't have a fat ass.  Her's is lovely and firm.   Speaking of... are we doing this or what, Mr. Toy?"

"I haven't... brought it up yet.  Are you sure we should?"

She pressed her chest against his, and he felt his pants stretching to accomodate.  "Having second thoughts?  Do you want that firm tush all to yourself?"

"No, it's not that...  just thinking about all the other times I tried to... escalate."

"You think Raquel's going to turn it around on you and fuck you into mush?" she asked, and he nodded.  She gave him a kiss on the neck and rested her hand between his legs and gave him a little squeeze.

He tried to open his mouth to say anything, but nothing came out, and then she put her finger to his lips.

"Yeah.  Probably."


That settled it.  He left work that day and called Raquel, to find that she'd gone to the gym, and offered to meet her there.

He found her on the elliptical and was not at all surprised to see guys contorting themselves into pretzels trying to sneak glances at her yoga-pants’ed ass, either directly or through a mirror, nor was he surprised to see guys on the machines behind her blatantly watching her go.   Raquel was many things, but a girl who didn’t have a fine, prominent rear she was not.  When he approached the machine from the side, she slowed down, and didn’t even acknowledge him before leaning over and pecking a kiss on his lips, which he was pretty sure provoked waves of negative energy in his direction immediately.  She took off her earbuds, and he saw that her breasts were heaving and slick with sweat… and he forgot why he was looking for her in the first place.

“Hey babe,” she said, stepping off the machine while toweling off her neck, “I was just going to hit the shower.  Want to join me?” she said, in a flirty way, and smiled prettily at him.  He knew full well that she was making a sincere offer in such a way that it sounded like a joke to everyone who were most definitely listening in.

“As much as I like those yoga pants on you, I’ll pass,” he said, and he saw her smirk before she turned away. He [i]also[/i] knew that smirk meant ‘you and I both know whose ass would be getting fucked in the shower’.  It was a smirk he was well familiar with.

“If you say so.  So, how was your day?” she asked, and signaled him to walk with her.

“Pretty good.  Mei saw the, um…”

“Yeah, I invited her.  Did she like it?”

“Uh, definitely.  She was thinking we could do another one… with her involved.”

She looked a little shocked.  “Oh, wow,” she said, and then leaned closer to him and whispered. “Do you really think you could take the both of us?  Might be biting off a bit more than you can chew there, loverboy,” she said, reaching her hand under his shirt and caressing his stomach.  To anyone not in the know, it must have looked like she was seducing him with the idea of some fondling, and not that she was suggesting he wouldn’t have enough room for all that girl spunk in his gut, which is what was actually giving him a difficult-to-hide erection.  The notion of taking both Raquel and Mei in one night did sound… difficult.  He wasn’t sure he’d live to see the sunrise.

"I can handle it," he said, not wanting to give anything away, "will you be alright?"

"If I'm there, I can make sure Mei keeps in line," she said, tapping his stomach with her finger once more.  "So I'd be down for it.   Whenever."

"Whenever?" he asked, a bit surprised.

"Why, do you want me to call her right now?" she replied, and he non-chalantly placed a hand over his crotch.  Raquel gestured for him to follow her, and began to walk towards the locker room, towel over her shoulder.

"I'm... not ready," he admitted.  The trap had been baited, but it hadn't properly been set.

"Fine.  I was thinking we could go to the beach today, anyway.”

"Uh, sure.  You have a swimsuit?"

"Just wait and see," she said, disappearing into the locker room.

He waited, and then he saw.   Her swimwear wasn't particularly risque, but it did make certain of her features... rather obvious.  They left the gym and headed for the beach, and the head turning that he saw in Raquel's direction had a particular pattern - first, to look at her breasts, and then...
They bought a beach umbrella and a beach towel before they reached the boardwalk, and set up camp near a rocky break in the beach; the sun was low enough in the sky that you could nearly look at it, reflected in the blue ocean below.  When he first came to the island, he hadn't taken the time to appreciate it; he was too busy taking in the sights of the beautiful women.  And while there were still plenty of them to go around, he mostly watched Raquel, either because she was showing off for him, or because they were in the middle of a conversation.

"So Erin still has it up for me, huh."

"Yeah, that's the sense I got.  Did you two..."

"Hrm... are you curious?  Do you want a list?" she said, teasing him.

"I'm not jealous or anything.  And, hey, you're the one that didn't seem to like me spending so much time with Mei."

"I've... mostly gotten over that.  I have my statistics to keep me happy."


"Yeah.  Like... I’ve thrown more in you than anybody else… and you’ve never been on the receiving end of a creampie that I wasn’t pumping in you.”

There were probably more… safe-for-the-beach ways she could have phrased that, but he knew that she said it that way for his benefit.  Since Mei was the only other penis-haver that had fucked him, that was pretty obvious; Mei used condoms.

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Just... milestones, I guess.  Little flags in the sand," she said, poking her finger into the sand to illustrate.   It conjured up images that were simultaneously irrelevant and deeply relevant to the conversation at hand.

“I never thought you’d be the jealous type.”

“I’m sure you have.  Maybe… something along the lines of… ‘and then Raquel catches me with another girl, and she’s really mad, so she wraps her arms around me, whispers into my ear, and shoves the whole thing inside me’?”

He swallowed.   It hadn’t gone exactly like that, but… close enough.  “…maybe.”

“Aren’t you jealous?” she asked, but she didn’t look at him, and he noticed she was avoiding eye contact.  If he had been jealous, it’d have been a problem much earlier.  He had actually assumed that they weren’t exclusive at all at first; Raquel never seemed to pause to consider whether he wanted her to go off with some other guy.  Part of that was because, at first, he didn’t want to give her what she was getting from those other guys.  Then it was more that… well, he had a habit of thinking of Raquel as a force of nature, rather than his girlfriend.  Who was he to tell the wind not to blow, or the sun not to rise, or the rivers not to flood, or the mountains not to… be mountains.  Raquel had several features he could compare to mountains, and the one between her legs could just as easily be described as a “man-killer” as K-2.  She finally looked up at him expectantly, and he still couldn’t read her face.

“It’s not that I don’t care… or worry that, like, you’ll get bored of me,” he said, and she looked a little hurt… and a little relieved.  “It’s just that… I don’t feel like I could ask you to… you know.”

“Be a one-man woman?” she said, smirking.  “Or keep my dick in my pants.  Which is it?”

He felt slightly clever, because he immediately responded, “Oh, I definitely wouldn’t want you to keep your dick in your pants,” and she bit her lip.

“Yeah?  Where exactly do you want me to keep it?” she asked, and, just like that, she took his hand, and started to glide it down her stomach, into her bikini bottom.  “But… before we go there…” she said, and he could tell she was a little conflicted about not cutting the conversation short, “do you want me to be yours, and only yours?”

He thought about it.  It was hard to think when his fingers were a few centimeters away from what he guessed was Raquel’s throbbing girl-boner, but think he did.  After a pause that Raquel seemed to handle remarkably well, he decided… he couldn’t decide.  So he threw it back to her.  “Would you be?”

She smiled, and he wasn’t sure why.  It looked different from her usual sadistic smiles… and he realized, with a little bit of a shock, that it was probably just what Raquel looked like when she smiled happily without trying to convey something else – a genuine smile.   Not that he hadn’t seen her genuinely smile before; he’d seen her laugh, or beam, but this was something different – a subtle smile that didn’t curl into a knowing smirk.  She leaned against his shoulder.  “I… would.”  She leaned up and kissed him… and pretty conspicuously brought his hand to her.  “I might fuck you dead, though,” she whispered into his ear.

“Yeah… I don’t know if I could keep up with you,” he said, and Raquel’s trademark grin returned.

"You'd have to," she said, huskily, moaning slightly at his touch.  "I'd make you.  And you'd love it."  He swallowed.  He was gently stroking her, and she was staring him full in the face, clearly enjoying this imagined scenario.   "Well?  What'll it be?  It's yours... and yours alone... if this is mine, and mine alone," she said, reaching into his trunks, and rubbing a finger over his hole.

"It's a tempting offer," he said, diplomatically, "but I think I'm fine the way things are."  He watched Raquel's face for a sign of disappointment, or hurt, but she seemed more into the motion of his hand than into the nature of the conversation by that point.

“Then you’re okay with my… meandering?    And Laura’s okay with yours, so long as someone keeps your ass in line… and something in your ass,” she said, putting her finger in his mouth.  “And I don’t mind… as long as you remember who you belong to,” she said, and started to rather unromantically force her finger down his throat, which had the dual side-effect of make him have to stifle a gag, and to form a spontaneous tent in his pants that any casual observer could see.  Then again, any casual observer of the underside of their umbrella could see the unrepentant jacking he was giving Raquel in her bikini bottom, so discreteness wasn’t exactly an option.  He had a feeling that Raquel wasn’t going to settle for a little bikini pocket-pool, and was actively testing out his gag reflex in preparation of something a bit more… difficult to conceal.

And, sure enough, Raquel reclined back and spread her legs, making the fact that he was stroking her penis that much more obvious, his hand not the only obvious bulge in her bikini bottom.

He slid down onto his side and covertly slipped her out and into his mouth; she hummed, and pushed her fingers through his hair.

"Honestly, though, it's mostly in the past.  There's a few guys I still occasionally hook up with... you probably think I get around more than I really do."

He rolled his eyes, and Raquel kicked the umbrella, and held his head in place as he tried to pull off of her.  It fell over, but still concealed them, and his heart was racing.  Raquel seemed satisfied.

"Although... there's a few guys on this beach that I recognize..." she said, peering under the umbrella to survey who was still around.  Finally, she spotted someone in their mutual vantage.

“See that guy?”

He tried to follow where she was looking while keeping her cock in his mouth, and saw a guy who was, undoubtedly, some kind of male model, whose name was undoubtedly “Pablo” or “Emmanuel” or “Estevan”, surrounded by a gaggle of adoring women.  He nodded to confirm that he’d seen him… although bobbing his head up and down was pretty much what he was already doing, so he vocalized an “aha?”

“That guy’s a bit of a glutton.  He wanted to swallow my cum anyway he could get it.  He paid my rent while I was on vacation once, on the condition that I bring him a ‘souvenir’ back… and he gave me an empty two-liter soda bottle to keep it in.”

He could picture it.  His eyes went wide.  Did he really...?

“Relax, even I couldn’t fill it all the way.  Only filled about a quarter of it… and, yeah, he chugged the whole thing while I watched.  I’ve probably filled more donuts for that guy than a pastry chef.  Ooh, that guy over there... you can't see him, he's behind you," she said, as he tried to look around.  "That guy is in super denial.  Probably where I get my ‘game’ fever from.   He’s always making up these heads-I-win tails-you-lose deals with me, and if he loses, I fuck him… and then he loses on purpose.  But he won’t admit he likes it.”

He kept going, and so did Raquel.

“That guy way down there, in the red trunks... won’t touch it, but he loves facials.  That guy surfing?  He deepthroats when I cum.  That lifeguard... well, I've never personally fucked him, but I know someone who has.   Bit of a size queen.”

He knew she was talking about Mei.

"Kind of like you," she said, and he could tell she was close to cumming.  With her foot on the shaft of the umbrella, he worried she planned to kick it off of them entirely as she came...  but before that happened she put her finger under his chin.  "Hey," she said, and pulled it sideways so that it bulged out his cheek, then popped out of his mouth.  He looked up at her, but didn't say anything.  "Are you... in the mood?"

He'd learn the hard way, more than once, that his saliva was not sufficient lubricant for what Raquel clearly wanted to do... but, unfortunately, he wanted to do it too.  He nodded, and Raquel shifted herself down so that she was laying kind of next to him, and reached into his trunks.  He sighed as she ran her fingers down his shaft.

She reached around him to pull his trunks down, and he stopped her.  "Are you crazy?  We're in public!"

"And you were just going down on me.  It's too dark to see now, and besides, we're not the only ones," she said, and he knew that she was right.  Drunk fucking on the beach was a pretty common passtime, and between the umbrella and the rocks, they were pretty hard to spot.

He helped her pull down his trunks, and she cimbed on top of him.   She laid her body flat against his, chest against chest, and he felt her breasts through her bikini top, and she kissed his lips... then pulled away, lifting herself up to bring her erect penis into position, and he tried not to think about what she was doing between them lest his hole tighten up in anxiety.   They were concealled by the umbrella as he felt her enter him, the insufficient lubrication bringing a friction to the proceedings that wasn't quite welcome, but he could bear it.   She placed her hands astride his head into the sand and used her hips to buck and thrust and drive it further in, a rough fuck that he knew would last for a while after it was done, and then collapsed onto his chest again, burying it deeper and deeper with their bodies flush against each other.

He was really worried that they were going to get caught, but the warm sea air was contagious, and he wanted to finish so badly.  The pressure in his rectum and on his prostate was intense, and the rough fucking courtesy of Raquel was doing more to make him want it than otherwise.   Raquel was so close, kissing him, entwining her fingers with his...  he could tell that she was nearing the edge, as well.  She broke her kiss, and, sitting still inside of him, her breasts near his face, she looked down at him.

"I want to cum like this, but if you want to eat sand like a bitch, we can do that too," she said, and he knew that she was in a pretty extreme state if she was giving him his options that nakedly.  He could tell that she was absolutely ready to pump it in him; she was thick and hard and pulsing, and he wondered if he told her to cum if the next twitch would be leave him full and wet inside.  He kind of wanted to tell her to just go, to thrust a few more times inside of him and empty her balls in his guts, pull out, and wipe her wet, sandy cock in his hair... but he couldn't get the image of getting fucked face-down out of his head, so with a slightly embarassed flush, he motioned to flip over.  Raquel pulled out and pushed him the rest of the way, and his belly was flat on the sand.   He could feel his hole was sore and puffy and open, and his rectum felt like... well, like a girl with a cock had just stabbed into it roughly in and out at random directions a few hundred times.

She pushed his face into the sand - eat sand like a bitch was right.  He could even feel the sand irritating his hole as she punched it in; if he didn't want to nut so bad, he'd have been in agony.

She pushed him face-deep into the sand, and he couldn't even breathe... he was surrounded by darkness and couldn't see or hear anything.  After a moment of tranquility, he felt it - she exploded into him, her pulsing cock as deep as she could get it.  Then, she pulled it out to almost the tip, and then sliced it all the way in again, and shot even more inside.   The only sensation he was feeling was her fucking and pumping her cum into him, and, despite the rough feeling of the sand, he filled it with his own.

She pulled out, and rolled off of him - satisfied.

"Clean me off," she said, laying on her side, holding her softening cock in her hand.


She just waited, her finger tracing out a shape on his chest.  He sighed, and again slid down on the towel.

As he took her salty, bitter, sandy cock into his mouth... he knew for sure, it was her turn to eat sand like a bitch.

- Majalis

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Half-Man - Patreon Sketch Factory #2

Our second sketch factory completion!  Again, thanks to all those who voted.  Next up - a futa drilling a guy and Raquel, and on the sketch factory front... a futa drilling a guy!  If you like that sort of thing, it's Christmas in July, and Santa is a girl with a penis.  Insert your own stocking-stuffer joke.

Mouthfucked... in hi-def!

- Majalis

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Stockade Blockade - Patreon Sketch Factory #1

Just wanted to post this up: our first sketch factory completion!  From sketch, to lineart, to full color. Thanks to our patrons for selecting this one as the first, and hope y'all like it!

Buttfucked in HiDef!
- Majalis