Monday, May 28, 2012

- Chastity -

Update!  Here's your picture:

A bootyful, blasphemous backshot of a plentifully-plugged praying parishioner.  She's got some kind of anal chastity device that appears to be church-endorsed, and some similarly adorned vag-tape.   I would make some kind of "holy" joke but I'm pretty sure that alliteration up there has already filled my overindulgence quota for the forever.

Next picture up (later this week) is going to be a trap.  Might be Jewel, might be tentacles, might be a sea monster.  We do pretty diverse stuff: traps having sex with all kinds of fictional creatures!  And various heavyset robot girls.  We've got all the bases covered.

- Majalis

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just a little mini-post, full update on Monday.  Never got around to posting the part 2 to this entry on hentai-foundry.  Wanted to work on it more, but that never happened.   Well, at least you blog followers get to see it! :D

Friday, May 25, 2012

Trap sketches

Sorry we haven't updated for a while!  Should be back to normal starting now.  Keep an eye out on Hentai-Foundry for our next piece, it'll be up Monday.   As recompense, here's a few trap works:

A bit hard to see with the background, but this is one idea we've wanted to do for a while: a reluctant trap waitress with a peacock tail.  Affixed in place in the very best way: up the butt, of course.

Meanwhile, in regards to the other end, we have this piece, which has an equivalent amount of subtlety.  This is another one we've wanted to do for a while, if only because it so perfectly captures that "wide-eyed terror" aesthetic.  That look only gets more appropriate if you consider that the implied oral in question might very well be foreplay.  And speaking of foreplay...

Here's another thick robot girl!  Because we know exactly what you come here for. - Majalis

Monday, May 7, 2012

Ugh, we're both really busy.  We should be free to work more in two weeks or so.  But, here's the character intro we promised... we've put off debuting them for a long time (all of these pictures are fairly old), because they have incredibly exaggerated proportions, but we're sure someone will like this sort of thing.

This is Jewel.  The backstory (heh, backstory) for "her" is that after being caught trying to steal the famed Jewel of Ironia, her sentence was to be enlisted in a form of "community service."  While prostitution is illegal in Ironia, Ironia's laws (and protections) don't apply to the non-human residents of the surrounding countryside, leaving a certain loophole open.  The kind of "loophole" that one could squeeze through with a liberal application of melted butter.  A poophole loophole, if you will. 

This was the initial sketch for Jewel, an auction of sorts, with Jewel going to the highest bidder for a night of beastly uncomfortable violation.  This sketch has been worked up since then, to better reflect the demi-humans as we've imagined them.  The full list, not all featured here, is: Troll, Ogre, Treant, Dragon, Elf,
Centaur, Wolfman, Merman, Slime, Succubus.  

Our by-now familiar spin on the dragon and the damsel illustrates one such possible encounter.  The heroic rogue that rescues the damsel is, in this example, an illusion; a reflection in the water of our heroine in a time before her change in occupation. 


So, yeah.  - Majalis

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Alright, maybe not Jewel yet.  First, some busty serving wenches!

Classic bar wench and modern bar wench.  Tits, ass.  Front, back.  And, for some mysterious reason, both have their bodies lined in but not their feet.  Conspiracy?

If you're a trap lover and you're having fits, don't worry, next blog update will be trappy.  - Majalis

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hentai-foundry doesn't much like our heavier ladies, so we often put off doing them.

For instance, Napoleon masturbated to this picture.

And this picture has an accompanying story, AND a sequel, but we only just recently started working on it again.

Next up, we may show our most prolific character (not actually Raquel!), a trap by the name of Jewel.  Or maybe more FAT ROBOT GIRLS.  - Majalis