Sunday, July 14, 2013

Vampire Catamite (WIP)

Hey all, got some more pictures we're gonna post up soon.  We figure what we'll do with the blog is we'll post up pictures that don't have a story finished yet so we can at least get one half of that machine greased up.  This one'll be a short one, and the previous entry should be getting a longer one.  The Raquel chapter is almost done, and there's a few others that are waiting on half-finished pictures.


On an unrelated note, and one that we'll probably going to bring up on HF as well: we have a lot of scat content.  Like, just oodles of it, both picture-wise (although most are in sketch or lineart form), and story-wise.  We've been trying to figure out what to do with it for a while, and we've finally decided.  We've decided that we have no fucking idea what to do with it, and that's not going to change on its own anytime soon through... magic. See, as weird as most of our stuff is, we consider it... tame. And if you're the type of person that likes traps and/or futa and/or newhalfs and/or anything butt and/or non-con, you probably feel the same way.   And while we're not exactly sensitive to the "not boner or ladyboner killing" needs of someone whose boner or ladyboner is killed by cock, we know that stuff like scat content can make most everyone a little limper at best, and a lot nauseous at worst, so we don't want to randomly throw up that kind of stuff on our blog or HF and have people stumble into it and ruin their Friday night, which necessitates some amount of ghettoization of that genre.  It just occurred to me as I was writing this that I could just, duh, make another blog, and that's one possible solution.  Other solutions exist in the minds of those perverts reading this who have avoided the above warning and instruction because this is their jive.  You, in other words.  And so the question is: where should we put our scat?  Pictures.  Like, in a toilet, obviously, but this is specifically referring to pictures in which 'toilet' is only one exciting possibility.  Where should those pictures exist, aside from cluttering up our harddrive with more stuff that some poor FBI intern is going to have to sift through one way?

For those wondering what [i]kind[/i] of scat content we're talking about, it's possibly not what you're thinking.  What you might be expecting is that it's sanitized (not 'messy') and comical, like most of our stuff, which would be correct.  The majority of it, however, is not female-on-male femdom, and in fact rarely is, or involves traps of any kind.  Its about equal parts accidental-relieving-in-something and intentional-relieving-in-something, where 'something' is equal parts containers/clothing and, you know, someone's mouth.  So, fair warning.


With that said, I am going to bury this post with other posts soon enough, but feel free to weigh in on the comments about it here anytime.  Oh, and if you can't because you don't have a blogger account, but do have/can make a HF account, I'm reposting this on our page on HF's blog.

- Majalis

Monday, July 8, 2013


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For someone's birthday?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Three Trap Sketches

We've been working on a lot of stuff lately, and there's a few pictures that are near finished, as is the usual state of things.  This is tip of the iceberg when it comes to sketches.   There's a new Jewel chapter up for those that missed it, and there'll be a new Raquel chapter up as well sometime soon.  - Majalis