Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our latest post up on hentai-foundry and the alternate cum-version:

Hentai-guy strikes again!
We got side-tracked a bit.  This one should have been up earlier.   Which one we do next is anybody's guess.  Writing-wise the next one is likely going to be for the scorpion girl.  Art-wise the next subject'll be a trap, most likes, or more futa.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One of the biggest problems we have is finishing pictures with multiple fully-viewed characters.

  This sketch is one we've kept around forever, and hopefully we'll finish it eventually.  Even if we don't, the concept: showing various female body-types, is one we'll definitely revisit.

This one, on the other side of the spectrum, is new, (and features traps!) sketched a few days ago in a brainstorming session.

As an extreme example, this one's been done since before we even started posting on HF.  We'll probably post it up in scraps there at some point.  We actually have a folder full of pictures that's basically the "sunk-cost" folder.  They're not all nearly done, but they've all had a bunch of time sunk into them, and we feel like something should be done with them.  Some of them get finished eventually.  - Majalis

Saturday, April 14, 2012

So the challenge here is that the reason we don't post WIP on our HF is because we don't want to spoil the surprise.  So we're reluctant to post something we know we're going to work on, but we also don't want to post super-sketchy crap.  As a compromise, here's... some stuff!

Minotaur on trap, with free perspective issues! 
This one's wicked old, and, yeah, the perspective issues would need to be fixed before we worked more on it. The front shot of the trap is pretty hot though.  And that back's nothing to sneeze at either.  Notice the subtle mars symbol on the pocket.  That's the writer insisting that a trap should be visibly male (sigh) in some way or fashion.  The frontal shot was also a compromise along those lines, but, that turned out pretty well.

"Face-down ass-up" trumps "never stick
your dick in crazy" every time
Here's a crazy girl with birthin' hips.  I can never seem to pull off the straight-up hour-glass figure, especially not with Captain Megabutt over here.  Although I shouldn't blame him entirely.  He's been trying to get me to do a pear-shaped/apple-shaped/hourglass-shaped line-up for a while, and I've done a few sketches, but doing three distinct pin-ups in one is just a lot for me.

Also, here's another thick robot girl.  You're welcome.

Friday, April 13, 2012

To start with, figure we should give you guys an idea as to how thoroughly inefficient we are.  Here's a collection of pictures at various stages of completion that we plan to finish at some point or another.  These are a subset of those in the subdirectory of our highest priority folder.  The next picture we're going to post up on HF, as they're both basically complete, will either be the one that starts "scor," second left on the bottom row, or the one that starts "maid" in the middle of the second row.  Several of these are over a year old.  We slowly erode away ones that are no longer up to snuff, or that have been rendered obsolete because their concept was reworked into another picture or absorbed into another picture entirely.  There's an entire story, with a completed first chapter of about 8000 words, for the second and third picture there, as well as a few others, and most of the pictures here have some amount of a write-up (magically, that does NOT include the two pictures which may go up monday!)

Basically, we're terrible.  For those wondering, that program is Paint Tool Sai, and otherwise we use el photochop.

To get the ball rolling, since no one cares about our plump lady pictures, here's a sketch of a plump robot girl being hoisted by crane, but she exceeds the weight limit (and is none too happy about it!)

Why?  Because you're welcome, that's why.  Aren't you glad you're following our blog?

We'll be trawling through our archives and top priority folders to figure out what to post.  For now, enjoy fat robot girl.  - Majalis

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Took us long enough...

Hey there!

Chances are, you're coming here from Hentai-Foundry, and so you already know who we are, but in case you aren't, and don't: we're a two person erotica team (if only that were a real sport!) comprising an artist and writer.  We do a variety of themes, fetishes, and dicks (mostly dicks), although our main focus is on shapely behinds and the things people of various genders do to them.  If you want a nearly exhaustive list of  the kind of stuff we do, well, isn't that convenient!  It's right there on our HF page.  Take a look before you take a look into our gallery, because when you gaze into our gallery, our gallery gazes also into you.

In spite of what that might suggest, neither of us are serial killers and/or criminally insane.  Insanely criminal in some countries, maybe.

If you just want a quick primer as to what genders and/or sexes you'll see, in order of likeliness: crossdressing males (that looks like females), females, futa (of the 'shemale' variety), males, and... *mumble mumble*.  Art-wise, the styles we use are sometimes very animu (manga and doujin inspired), sometimes less so (hybrid), occasionally western, and very rarely realism.

As for why we're setting up a blog, well, we both do so much work that doesn't end up on our hentai-foundry gallery (make sure to check the filters if you want to see the really naughty stuff) because we don't want to post up WIP there, so we figured we'd have a place that we can upload said WIP to A) show people we aren't suuuuuuper lazy and B) have somewhere our fans can offer some feedback and maybe push us towards finishing one thing or another.  We may also, depending on whether we can find examples of other people doing it, post some of the finished stuff we won't on HF here.

We're approaching 4000 fans on HF (although we totally suck at actually rewarding those milestones with a picture), so having somewhere else for our work is probably pretty late, but in addition to writing and art, we're also professional feet-draggers (silver medal in the Olympics.  Seriously).  Anyway, if you don't want to see WIP before the finished P then you can always just keep an eye on our HF page instead.

Alright, it'll probably be a little while before we set this blog up, unless it doesn't.  How's that for commitment?  Anyway, hope this turns out well, and hope you guys enjoy it.

As always, this is legion, for we are ma- er, Majalis signing out.