Thursday, January 29, 2015

It's Raining Out There

We've got a CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure for the horribly deprived) story for this one, click here for it.  There'll be more updates to come soon, but for now, enjoy this loony poodle-girl-with-a-fat-dick pounding the ever-loving kitty-litter out of  a trap catboy who's about to receive enough (presumably pink) pooch-premium puppy paste in the pooper, pronto.  And yes, for those whose minds are now blown, she's inside him, plowing him like the prom queen while they're ass-to-ass; that x-ray shot reveals that her fat doggy dick is in his tight kitty-litter-shitter.  Deal with it. puts sunglasses on

There'll be a... wetter, soggier, all-together-more-inflated-and-not-even-remotely-potentially-pregnant-kitty  version of this one up later.  So check back!

- Majalis <3