Saturday, August 3, 2013

Various (and new blog debut!)

First things first:  we now have a place to post our scat artwork.  Here's the link to our new, other blog that you definitely should NOT click on unless you like seeing artwork of girls poopin'.  Just saying.  That'd be silly.  There's probably going to be a good amount up there pretty quick, so if that's your thing, you might wanna bookmark it.

New picture going up Monday, and soon thereafter a Raquel chapter.  Still working on the Jewel chapter.  If anyone wants us to keep their commission in mind, just send us an email and we'll try to get you s'more.  :D

Now, here's a bunch of sketches!  We have a few almost done pieces, but since they're almost done anyway, ya'll just have to wait. :o

Trap/Girl getting it in the butt (undecided).  WHOA BOY, BIG SHOCKER.  So, I actually really like this sketch, and will probably work on a story for it as it grows as a picture, as bare-bones as it is.  It's probably going to be consensual (or mostly consensual, however that works), because we're trying to get more lovin' action in.  Unfortunately, if we do end up making it female, that won't help our image as man-hating harpies, but what can ya do?

Might write a story for this one if we keep working on it.  Always wanted to write a schlocky sex story in the old B-movie vein about the "Queen of Space" coming to Earth and wanting to know more about the way hu-mans do the sexy stuff.  Probably in the butt.  It's in the butt, right?

Trap (although you can't tell yet) bunny boy bent over and... right up the boy cooter!  This is a running theme for us (bunnies, not traps, that's just obvious).

And on the other side of the "not actually a rodent" spectrum, we've got this batboy doing as bats do.  We occasionally dip into furry territory, but never for too long.  After all, we can't stop here, this is bat country.

Lost his car keys.
- Majalis